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The education sector has departments of Education and Higher Education, Science and Technology. This sector addresses issues concerning ECD, Primary, secondary and tertiary education.

Existing hospitals, health centres and dispensaries in the county are to be upgraded and requisite facilities and staff provided so as to enable them discharge health services.

Agriculture, being the economic backbone of the County, it implies that necessary infrastructural support has to be put in place for this sector to play her rightful role.

Potential to generate electricity by use of wind power within the County is found within Kinangop and Kipipiri (Mt. Miharati) areas,

The County has four towns; – Mairo-inya, Ol’kalou, Njambini and Engineer. In the year 2012 there was a total urban population of 26,655 resident populations comprising 13,160 male and 13,495 female.

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Use of ICT as the preferred choice of medium for creating, building and maintaining innovative, reliable cost effective systems and communication networks towards meeting the objectives of the County Government

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Tourist attractions in Nyandarua County include the Aberdare National Park, Thomson’s Falls and Lake Ol Bolossat.
The Aberdare National Park, which sits on 767 square km in the higher areas of the Aberdare Ranges, is home to a huge population of wildlife.

The Depart provides its services through a network of 20 zones and 8 sub zones operating at the District level by the provincial level by the Provincial Director of Trade with technical support from the director of Internal Trade assisted by the Deputy Director, Assistant Directors and several Trade Development Officers heads the Department

Nyandarua County Public Service board: 0705284180 or 0705284186.

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