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The education sector has departments of Education and Higher Education, Science and Technology. This sector addresses issues concerning ECD, Primary, secondary and tertiary education.
Sector Vision and Mission

The sector vision is:

A globally competitive education training, research and innovation for sustainable development.

The mission is:

To provide, promote and coordinate quality education and training, integration of science, technology and innovation in sustainable socioeconomic development process.

County response to the sector vision and mission.

With the introduction of free primary Education funding and Free Secondary Education support program, enrollment levels have increased both in primary and secondary schools. The stakeholders in the education sector seek to develop schools and to make them competitive nationally. This is being gauged by the performance of students in National exams in the county compared to students another counties.

Much effort will be put in the construction of classes/laboratories and dormitories to provide a conducive learning environment. Hiring of more teachers should be stepped up to improve the teacher pupil ratios thus improving teacher-pupil contact. These functions are expected to be performed by the national government while the county government will be in charge of ECD education and youth polytechnics.

The face-lifting of the youth polytechnics will encourage many school leavers to enroll for various courses in these institutions and publicity campaigns to market these Polytechnics should be increased to tap students who fail to attain marks to join secondary schools or to proceed after secondary education.

Research, innovation and technology are growing sectors with immense potential of unlocking opportunities in business, education, agriculture, industry and security. The development of this sub-sector will play a crucial role in the development of the county by increasing access to market information and developing unique products for the markets.

Stakeholder Role
National Government To give policy guidelines for the sector To provide subsidized universal basic education to all children of school going age;
Develop education infrastructure/facilities
County government Develop education infrastructure/facilities for ECD and polytechnics
Development partners Compliment government efforts through funding of education infrastructure and education programs.
Community Participate in development of education infrastructure and support school-going children through education.
FBOs Supplement government efforts in education
Private Sector Provide and increase access in provision of education
*Role of Stakeholders

Education Development

Education is very fundamental in the development for both an individual and a nation and so it is for the county. There is need to establish a university and strengthen all existing colleges, schools and ECDs in the county. Table 13: highlights recommendations and programmes in education.
Institution Location Recommendations
University Ol’joroOrok University be established within KARI land
Nyandarua Technical Training Institute Ol’joroOrok Modernize and expand curricular to cover wider and relevant key areas
Animal Health & Industry Institute Ol’joroOrok Courses offered to be modern and tailor made for livestock production
Centres of Excellences Ndaragwa, Ol’kalou, and Kipipiri constituencies All necessary infrastructure be provided and materials and equipment be provided in all the centres
Youth Polytechnics Entire county Youth polytechnics within sub – county headquarters be developed and equipped so as to make them offer the best training up to and including diploma courses

* Programs and projects for education

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