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Urban Development, Commerce & Industry

The County has four towns; – Mairo-inya, Ol’kalou, Njambini and Engineer. In the year 2012 there was a total urban population of 26,655 resident populations comprising 13,160 male and 13,495 female. Table 5 in chapter two indicates population projections for the four townships.

As can be observed the number of people living in urban areas was 4.18 % of the total population in 2009 compared to slightly over 22% at the national. This implies that the County is predominantly rural. The population in these townships is expected to increase from projected 27,473 in 2013 (up from 24,958 persons in 2009) to 28,824 and 30,241 persons in 2015 and 2017 respectively.

These increases will exert pressure on existing amenities such as schools, housing and health facilities thereby calling for accurate anticipation and projections.

In accordance with the provisions of the Urban Areas and Cities Act of 2011 and the urban population projections it is apparent that none of the four towns meets the requirements of a City, Municipality nor a Town. It is in this regard that all urban areas and trading centres shall continue to be planned, managed and developed under the tutelage of the County Government.

Ol’kalou shall, however, play its central role has the County headquarter while Ndaragwa, Ol’joroOrok, Miharati and Engineer Townships shall be the Sub – County headquarters. The Sub – County and Ward headquarters shall act as centres for development in a sense that County development initiatives shall be channelled and operated from within these centres and other lower levels. Ndaragwa Township has unique development challenge in the sense that much of the land is within the Ndaragwa Forest reserve and that it shall require to be de – gazetted to allow for expansion. Urban areas and trading centres shall continue to play central role in commerce and industry hence planning of the same is extremely crucial. Focus shall be given to the County and sub – county headquarters in this regard as detailed below.
Planning of Townships and squatter resettlement

S/No Township Recommendation
1 Ol’kalou town
  • Update and revise the local physical development plan for the town
  • provide for establishment of county offices, assemblies and residence among other facilities
  • provide for framework for infrastructure development such as sewer system, water reticulation, road development, commercial and industrial development
  • provider a framework for development control and arbitration
2 JOl’joroOrok town Revise the local physical development plan to reflect the new status of a sub – county headquarters
3 JMiharati town Ditto
4 Engineer town Ditto
5 Ndaragwa town De-gazettement be undertaken by the County Government as provided for by the Forest Act and Environmental Management & Coordination of 1999.
6 Kanyagia Squatters Colonial village to be profiled, picked, planned, surveyed and allotted in the 2013/2014
7 Igwa miti squatters Ditto 2014/2015
8 Ngano Squatters Ditto 2015/2016
9 Passenga Squatters Ditto 2016/2017
10 Matindiri Squatters Ditto 2017/2018

The County’s land use is in the following categories; – forest land, arable land, roads, urban areas/trading centres, lakes dams and rivers. Development of the County shall continue to respect existing land use patterns with development interventions will protecting arable, water bodies, forest and urban areas.

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