It was a turning point and a historic day for Rahab Wambui. For 21 years, she has worked as a casual worker with the defunct local authority, and later with the County Government of Nyandarua. And for those years, like hundreds before her, each passing day was a lone moment just hoping that her status – a casual worker, in both treatment, rights and benefits – would change. And the wait was long. Many, sadly, were never as lucky.
“We became a political tool for the politicians. Every time close to an election, we were promised that our status of employment will change. A new regime would come and go, but nothing changed – just unfulfilled promises. Today, even though my remaining time to serve is not as long, is the proudest day of my life, my dignity is back,” Wambui said, a letter of appointment in her hands.
Over 173 employees, including 10 who have attained the retirement age of 60 years, but retained for a contract period of one year, were issued with letters of appointment. These employees will now enjoy a comprehensive medical insurance among other benefits.
In his address, His Excellency Governor (Dr.) Moses Kiarie Badilisha said that “I take pride in what we have done today because in the first 100 days of this administration, we have managed to restore dignity to these members of staff who have worked for their motherland without anything to show for it – deprived of identity, workers’ rights and privileges including healthcare.
“Some, and certainly many before them, went home after many years of public service without recognition and empty-handed. Today, my Government has put this painful state of affairs to a stop and consigned it to history; a sad chapter of our history, but which with your support we have now formally corrected and closed.”
“To honor you, and the great people of Nyandarua, we recommit to even work harder and improve on service delivery and positively impact on the lives of our people in Nyandarua,” the workers said in a joint statement read on their behalf by Erick Onchuru.