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2015 Jamhuri Day celebrations

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Nyandarua Governor H.E. Daniel Waithaka Mwangi, his Deputy H.E. Waithaka Mwangi Kirika join dancers during the 52nd Jamuhuri day celebrations.

My fellow county-men,
Distinguished guests,
Ladies and gentlemen.
I am very happy to join you this afternoon as we all mark the 52nd Jamhuri Day celebrations.
This is a remarkable period in our country’s history as we remember the gallant struggle put up by our forefathers during the MauMau war to liberate our motherland from the yoke of colonialism.

It is therefore perfectly in order for us to celebrate our freedom fighters for their act of courage because they laid down their lives so that we their children and great-grand children- can live in peace, harmony, and economic prosperity.

Ladies and gentlemen:
Nyandarua County stands tall in our Republic’s history, because our young men and women gave up their lives in the war for our liberation.

Those who belong to the old generation can remember the scorn with which settlers in the “The Happy Valley” viewed the liberation struggle, while firmly believing the promise of a Republic would never come.

Mau Mau caves in the Aberdares, on the other hand, remind us of those – like JM Kariuki and Dedan Kimathi– who believed that our best days were still before us, and that hope would spring eternal.

In the early years of the Republic, JM and many others like him from our County continued serving Kenya, shaping its future across all spheres.

From Kinangop to Kipipiri, Ol’kalou to Ol’Jororok, on to Ndaragwa, Nyandarua County has proudly flown our Republic’s flag in the freedom struggle.

Today, we continue the battle for freedom, not in the sense seen in the 1950s, but in other areas of life, so that we can improve our status in line with the dreams and aspirations of our forefathers.

From the winning ways of our very own Passenga High School’s soccer team – recently representing Kenya in regional championships – to the everyday efforts of our farmers to keep hunger at bay, the enduring image of Nyandarua as the home of plenty and the liberators is now assured.

I want to remind all of us that we have a huge task ahead to build our County Nyandarua and take it to the next level for the sake of our future generations.

I salute our people for their dedication to the responsible management of the affairs of our county; men and women who toil in their farms daily so that they can produce food to feed our nation.

Almost three years in office, my government is not under any illusion about Nyandarua’s numerous needs, and challenges.

I am, on a daily basis, reminded of the many people in Nyandarua who yearn for the fruits of the devolution of power and resources.

Where we are not held back by any delayed transfer of functions and resources from the national government, my administration will continue to deliver on its pledges to you in line with the County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP) of 2013.

However, those for whom public service is a conduit to illicit gains will definitely have their day in court, but they have no place in my government.

On the other hand, those who occupy public office as an opportunity to feather their nests for 2017 will be freed to pursue their agenda outside my government.

May I take this opportunity to emphasize the need for public servants to offer honest service to Wanjiku.
We have to deliver on our promise to the public because that is exactly why we are in government; we must remember that we are here for a season, and a reason.

Ladies and gentlemen:
My administration will continue to partner with the national government in setting up the necessary infrastructure to enable our people realize socio-economic progress.

I am aware the national government has already opened tenders for the construction of key roads in our county, including tarmacking of eight kilometers in Ol’Kalou town, which is the County headquarters.

Other key roads in Kinangop sub-county, Ol’Kalou, Ol’joro-Orok and Ndaragwa will also be opened under this programme which is expected to cover 2,000 kilometers countrywide.

My administration is also collaborating with honourable Members of the County Assembly (MCAs) in identifying access roads that will be upgraded between January and April 2016.

County governments have suffered during the past five months over delayed funds from the national Treasury.
This problem has constantly been raised by the Council of Governors and it is my hope the national Treasury is giving it active attention.

Despite these challenges, I wish to remind all of you that you have the enormous responsibility of working hard by embracing modern technology in the farms to guarantee economic take-off.

Let us discard the old technology of digging our shambas using a fork jembe and embrace mechanized agriculture; let us abandon lone-ranger tactics of marketing farm produce and join co-operatives; and let us embrace value-addition to increase incomes from our farms.
Ladies and gentlemen,
This is not a day for long speeches. I, therefore, wish to end my remarks by wishing all of you happy Jamhuri Day Celebrations.

I also wish you a Merry X-Mas and Happy New Year 2016.
God Bless Nyandarua County.

Thank you.

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