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Focus on Mashujaa Day 2016 celebrations

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Focus on Mashujaa Day celebrations in Miharati town where Nyandarua Governor H.E Daniel Waithaka Mwangi was the chief guest.

My fellow county-men,
Distinguished guests,
Ladies and gentlemen,
I am happy to join you today in commemorating the 53RD National Heroes’ Day celebrations here in Miharati town and other parts of our county.
First, I wish to send my warm greetings to every family in our county and other Kenyans wherever they may be.
It is true that Mashujaa Day remains an important event in our calendar, when we celebrate the achievements of our patriots who fought for the independence of our country.
This day reminds us of the struggle and suffering of our National Heroes who sacrificed their lives so that successive generations of Kenyans can live in freedom and dignity.
But it is also a day when we remember the many modern-day heroes, who have played a sterling role in the growth and development of our county Nyandarua and Kenya as a whole.
I want to take this opportunity to thank every person living in this county for the role you have played- individually or collectively- in ensuring that our name continues to be heard across Kenya and the world.
Indeed, we shall continue to cherish persons who have chosen the path of progress in all spheres of socio-economic development because our goal is to ensure that we leave Nyandarua County better than we found it.
Towards this end, I am proud today to say that Nyandarua County Government has recorded tremendous success in socio-economic development since we took office in March 2013.
The County government has taken big strides in reforming our sectors especially health, infrastructure, basic education, agriculture, water, co-operatives and sports- just to mention a few.
We have graded access roads in all our localities including urban centers during the past three years and more roads are currently being upgraded in all the wards.
Since 2013 my administration has spent a whacking Sh2.3 billion on roads upgrade programme and this year another Sh700 million has been set aside for roads and bridge construction across all the 25 wards.
Apart from grading access roads, we have constructed bus parks to ease public commuter transport and erected bridges linking different localities across our county.
We are spending huge resources on roads because we realize the important role played by public transport in enhancing agriculture, health, education and other related sectors of our development.
We are undertaking key projects in partnership with the national government and other development partners. Such projects include tarmacking of key roads, the construction of mega dams in Pesi, Malewa and Kinja rivers and provision of Artificial Insemination (AI) services to farmers.
Indeed, the national government has already advertised tenders for the construction of Pesi mega dam at a cost of Sh20 billion as well as Kinja and Malewa river dams at a cost of Sh15 billion each. This is no mean achievement for our county considering that our annual budget is in the rage of Sh4.5 billion.
In the health sector, my administration has taken strides to upgrade hospitals, Health centers and dispensaries across our county and putting up maternity units in nearly all the health centers and dispensaries.
This is meant to enhance service closer to our people and also decongest both JM Kariuki Memorial and Engineer hospitals to enable them play their roles as referral centers.
You are aware that we have supplied ambulances to a number of our health centers across the sub-counties and this programme will continue as funds become available.
The ambulances are strictly meant for rescuing patients but they are not transport vehicles for officers working in Health Centers. My administration, therefore, will not hesitate to take stern action against officers found misusing these vehicles for selfish ends.
I wish to assure you that service delivery in our health institutions has improved tremendously through the constant and sufficient supply of medical products, namely, drugs, laboratory reagents, patient linen and uniforms. All our health facilities are now well stocked with essential medicines and hospitals have adequate supplies of other medicines for special cases.
Also, cleanliness in our urban areas has been a challenge but the process of garbage collection has been streamlined. The County Government has adequate garbage collection trucks for the purpose but more will be sourced subject to availability of funds.
Ladies and gentlemen,
The introduction of subsidized A.I services by my government last year is a major steps geared towards improvement of our dairy cows and increase milk production in our county.
I urge farmers to take full advantage of this facility and contact our mobile AI providers who are located in all the wards. This project will go a long way in improving our animals and boost milk production.
Through the introduction of subsidized AI services, we expect to increase milk production through improvement of animal breeds. That is why my administration has taken major steps to supply milk coolers in a number of co-operative societies and revived societies that had collapsed.
The national government is procuring 35 milk coolers that will be supplied to farmers’ groups in all the 25 wards. This project is expected to take off soon.
My administration has also taken steps to supply new potato varieties to farmers’ groups for multiplication purposes and I believe this project has taken off and individual farmers will soon access these seeds.
Similarly, we have opened new fertilizer depots to enable our farmers access subsidized fertilizers from their own localities instead of traveling long distances to source for the commodity.
I am happy also to report that my administration has moved to the new county offices that were built by the county government. So far, we have shifted key offices including my office as well as Finance, Trade and Co-operatives, Tourism and Sports and ICT and E Government.
Despite these achievements, we are collaborating with the national government in building new block just next to the new offices so that we can accommodate other departments that are currently located in different parts of Ol’Kalou town.
Allow me, ladies and gentlemen, to conclude my remarks by highlighting reforms undertaken in the education sector.
During the 2013/2014 financial year, the County Government disbursed Sh7 million for bursaries in all the 25 wards. In the year 2014/2015, Sh65.7 million was disbursed in two installments of 25 million shillings in November 2014 and 42.5 million shillings in June, 2015.
In the 2015/16 financial year, the County Government spent Sh. 67.5 million in bursary for needy children within the county.
This financial year the county government has set aside Sh85 million for bursary that will cater for nearly 8,000 needy children in secondary and tertiary institutions.
In the ECD sector, my administration has successfully built 106 classes for early learners in all the 25 wards and another 70 are earmarked for construction during this financial year.
We have also taken strong measures to upgrade all the 14 functional youth polytechnics and we have finalized plans to absorb the tutors and pay them high salaries.
In the sports sector, my government has taken major steps to upgrade various stadia located across our sub-counties so that we can harness youth talents everywhere. The Ol’kalou stadium is currently being upgraded to accommodate up to 30,000 people and the project will soon be completed. Other stadia have been upgraded in all our major towns through the construction of dais and toilet facilities. These activities are on-going and I appeal to our young people to take advantage and utilize these facilities for self actualization.
As I end my remarks, I am aware that our children in primary and secondary schools are set to sit for their national examinations starting early next month. I therefore, take this opportunity to wish them success in KCPE and KCSE examinations and pray that God may guide them to realize their dreams.
It is now my pleasure to once again wish all of you happy Mashujaa Day celebrations.
Thank you and May God Bless us all.
Mashujaa Day 2016 d
Mashujaa Day 2016 c
Mashujaa Day 2016 e

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