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Nyandarua’s private sector needs to provide incentives for the County Government to employ more Persons Living with Disabilities, His Excellency Governor Francis Kimemia has said.

Speaking when he disbursed 58 wheelchairs to 110 beneficiaries at the County Government headquarters, the Governor said that persons living with disabilities are being denied education, employment, physical access to buildings, healthcare and transport services.

“My Government will implement provisions of the Constitution regarding persons living with disabilities especially in ensuring reasonable access to all places, public transport and information,” he said.

The wheelchairs were the first bunch in a long-term disbursement.

Nyandarua has over 7,000 persons living with disability.

The County Government facilitated acquisition of the devices by partnering with Walk About Foundation, which arranged for medical examination of the disabled in Nanyuki and transported them to Ol’Kalou.

Governor Kimemia said several employees in the County Government, including at the County Executive level, live with disability.

“My Government will continue to ensure that your rights in the County are well respected. In particular, we will encourage and provide incentives to self-employment, provision of more employment opportunities and your advancement,” he said.

The County Government facilitated the World Disability Day celebrations in collaboration with the National Council for People Living with Disabilities at Ol Kalou stadium on 3rd December, 2017, attracting over 820 participants.

To further safeguard their rights, Governor Kimemia today directed the Department of Education, Gender Affairs and Social Services to finalize the County Bill on Persons Living with Disabilities.

The bill seeks to ensure that the priority of Persons Living with Disabilities is maintained in provision of County health services; trade development and regulation; transport; planning and development; public works and services; and affirmation in all County policies and laws.

The County Government is set to initiate several programmes targeting the PLWDs, including a trade fund, which is in the final process of legalization by the County Assembly.

Governor Kimemia said he has already instructed all departments to ensure all PLWDs benefit from procurement opportunities under the 30 per cent rule on access to government procurement opportunities.

“The same applies to bursary, where they have been considered and given first priority. This will enable their families and children to access to education and raise their living standards,” he said.

Tax waivers are also being given to businesses owned by PLWDs, under a special consideration.

“As Mahatma Gandhi taught us, the true measure of any society can be found in how it treats its most vulnerable members,” he concluded.

The event was attended by several senior County Government officials.

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