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State-of the-County address

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The Speaker of County Assembly Hon. Ndegwa Wahome,
Honourable Members of the County Assembly,
Colleagues in the County Executive,
Ladies and gentlemen,
I am delighted this afternoon as I deliver my address before this Honourable Assembly on the State of our County. This is about four months since I last stood here before you on November 27, 2014.
During that time, I highlighted a number of activities that were being undertaken by my administration since we took office after the March 4, 2013 general elections.

Mr. Speaker Sir,
During the past two years my administration has intensified efforts to fulfill some of the pledges we made to our people in the run up to the last general elections. In the next three years we shall work hard to accomplish other projects in line with the provisions of Nyandarua County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP) of 2013.
We have encountered challenges caused mainly by inadequate resources, lack of necessary infrastructure and limited skills on the part of the existing laborforce.

These challenges have impacted negatively on the delivery of service and affected the development tempo that we had envisaged as a government.
Despite these challenges, my administration has pushed on with its development agenda in all spheres of socio-economic life and these efforts will bear fruits in the fullness of time.
The County Public Service Board has hired chief officers in all our departments and engaged senior staff to serve in different departments.

However, a lot need to be done in this area and the Board should hasten steps to recruit more staff in accordance with requests placed by different departments so that we can fill necessary gaps in the civil service.
On the issue of inadequate resources, you are aware Mr. Speaker that the Council of Governors continues to pile pressure on the national government to allocate more funds to the County Governments to enable us finance important areas in our county.

The department of Finance has also intensified efforts to collect revenue across the county and we hope to realize substantial amounts to supplement funding from the national government.

My administration looks forward to working with this House to implement our development agenda and I will count on your support. Although we may not agree from time to time, this should be in an atmosphere of mutual respect and consideration. We should be able to hold different viewpoints without being bitter antagonists.

In that spirit, I pledge that my administration will partner with this House in the work of implementing our projects and transforming Nyandarua into a county of milk and potatoes.

At the same time, I wish to take this earliest opportunity to congratulate the honourable members in this House for supporting efforts by my administration to fulfill its mandate in the delivery of service to our people.

Mr. Speaker Sir,
During the past 24 months, my administration has initiated several development projects. Some of the projects are short-term and have been completed, but many of the long-term projects are expected to be complete at the end of the current financial year

I also need to mention that my administration has entered into partnership with the private sector in undertaking some of the projects in line with the provisions of the Public- Private Partnership (PPP).
Mr. Speaker, allow me now to mention some of the projects that have been carried out by my administration:

Roads and Transport
During the 2013-14 financial year, my administration undertook construction of access roads in all our 25 wards and the exercise was very successful.
Indeed, Mr. Speaker, this was the period when we graded some rural-access roads which had not been graded for over 30 years and I believe our farmers have noted major changes in the transportation of farm produce and access to their homes.
Thousands of youths were also hired to provide manual labor and compliment work done with machines hence creating employment for this group.
Road works in the period 2014- 2015
Mr. Speaker Sir,
During the current financial year, the department of roads has carried out road maintenance in all our five sub-counties and a total of 1,169 kilometeres have been covered. The distance covered in terms of the sub-counties is as follows:
Kinangop (388 KMs), Kipipiri (198 KMs), Ol’Kalou (211 KMs), Ol’joro-Orok (192 KMs) and Ndaragwa (179Kms).
It is important for me to also mention the distance covered in each of the 25 wards in the on-going exercise of grading our roads in all our sub-counties:
Kinangop sub-county
  • 1 ENGINEER WARD -49.53 KM ( Culvert-12 METER LENGTH)
  • GATHARA WARD -42.25 KM (Culvert-6 METR LENGTH)
  • NYAKIO WARD- 46.4KM (Culvert-80 METER LENGTH)
  • GITHABAI WARD -57.88KM (Culvert-30 METER LENGTH)
TOTAL: 388.03 KM ( Culvert-128 METER LENGTH)
Kipipiri sub-county
  • WANJOHI WARD -57.4KM (culvert-18 METER LENGTH)
  • GETA WARD -58.05KM (culvert-30 METER LENGTH)
TOTAL : 198 KM (culvert-48 METER LENGTH)
Ol’Kalou Sub-County
  • KARAU WARD- 64.98KM (culvert-12 METER LENGTH)
  • KANJUIRi WARD -45.1KM (culvert-12 METER LENGTH)
  • RURII WARD- 25.5KM (culvert-126 METER LENGTH)
TOTAL : 211.38 KM (culvert-150 METER LENGTH)
Ol’Joro-Orok Sub-County
  • GATIMU WARD- 59.47KM
  • WERU WARD -35KM (culvert-36 METER LENGTH)
TOTAL :192.94 KM( culvert-36 METER LENGTH)
Ndaragwa Sub-County
TOTAL: 179.19 KM (culvert-54 METER LENGTH)
GRAND TOTAL: 1169.54 KM (culvert-416 METER LENGTHS)
Mr. Speaker, I need to mention one major project to be implemented in Kinangop sub-county and that is the 13KM Njabini – Kiburu–Kiarutara road linking Nyandarua and Murang’a County. This project is special to us as it will open up trade between the people of Kinangop and our neighbours in Murang’a.

The County government has worked closely with Honourable Members of this House in identifying priority areas for road construction and grading.

We are also partnering with the national government in fixing Kariamu-Shamata –Mailo Inya Road (D388)-which will enable residents of Ndaragwa sub-county access Ol’Kalou directly instead of using the long route that is through Nyahururu town.

Other roads under construction include: Ol’joro-Orok- Ndundori Road (C83), Njabini-Magumu road (C68)-which is now complete and is being marked, Githioro-Kinamba road (C67), Nyahururu-Wiyumiririe road (B5) and Ngomongo-Boiman road (D381).

Another important road to our people, Ol’kalou- Gilgil highway (C77) is complete and the process of erecting road signs and marking has been finalized.

The national government is also constructing Kirima-Murungaru-Ndinda and Kirima-Engineer Roads.
Once completed, this road will play a pivotal role in the transportation of agricultural produce from Kipipiri and Kinangop sub-counties to outside markets.

Mr. Speaker I have taken substantial time dwelling on road projects because we are all aware the main problem in our county has been poor road network.

My administration has also erected flood masts in major urban centers across the County to boost security and enable businessmen and traders carry on with their activities late into the night.

Flood masts have so far been erected in Ndaragwa town, Mailo Inya, Ol’joro-Orok, Kasuku, Ol’kalou, Miharati, Geta, Ndunyu Njeru, Engineer, Njabini and Fly-Over trading center. More flood masts will be erected in strategic market centers including Shamata, Ngano, Mirangine, Tumaini, Kapten, Magumu, Kwa Haraka and Karangatha, just to mention a few.

Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries.
Mr. Speaker Sir,
My administration has taken major steps to revolutinalise agriculture to enable farmers embrace modern technology in farming and upgrade their income.

In the fullness of time, I expect the era of using a fork jembe in our farms will be reduced as farmers embrace mechanized agriculture in order to take advantage of the economies of scale.

During the period under review, some 537 bags of clean potato seeds (50kg bags) – Potato seeds were purchased and distributed for bulking by farmer groups in the County

The implementation of the 50kg potato packaging standard spearheaded by this County has been a success in spite of the numerous challenges we have faced. Farmers are happy with this development and prices for potatoes have gone up.
The department is keen on developing fruit tree farming. During the period the department purchased and distributed to the farmers some 4198 avocadoes, 2000 tree tomatoes and 893 apples Fruit seedlings.

In the effort to revive pyrethrum growing, some 609,700 Pyrethrum seedlings were procured and supplied to farmers for planting. Pyrethrum seeds were also procured and supplied to farmers for planting. We expect to see more activity in this area during the long rains season.

The department also procured 34,200 Erygium seedlings and 80 bags arabicum Cut-flower seeds and distributed to farmers. Also some 29 Produce handling Buckets were bought to assist cut-flower farmers in handling their produce
On Water harvesting, one dam has been constructed by Agriculture Machinery service (AMS) at Leshau pondo with a Capacity-20,000M3 of water. Another dam was constructed by National Youth Service (NYS) personnel at Gathima in Malewa. Its capacity is 5000m3 of water.

Several other dams are being rehabilitated in different wards across the county so that we can harness more water for domestic use and livestock.

At the same time, one Set of potatoes mechanization equipment worth Sh2.1 Million was procured and is assisting farmers in potato production operations.

Mr. Speaker, we have collaborated with the national government to ensure that farmers accessed subsidized fertilizers from the three old NCPB depots and the three new extra fertilizer stores i.e Ndivai (Ndaragwa), Geta Farmers co-operative (Kipipiri) and Njabini ATC depots (Kinangop).

Available records indicate that farmers have bought the Subsidized fertilizers as follows:- DAP-(2,780 bags), NPK 23: 23: 0 – (14,830 bags), NPK 17:17:17 – (4,790 bags) and Sulfate of Ammonia (SA) – (371 bags).

My administration in collaboration with the Small Holder Horticultural and Marketing Project (SHOMAP) has put up three horticultural markets at Soko Mpya, Murungaru and Oleriondo centers. The three markets will assist farmers in marketing their crop once they become operational.

Also 10 earth roads were improved through Small Holder Horticultural and Marketing Project (SHOMAP). They are Karati murram, Riverside-Kageraini, Kwambiro, Yaanga, Wendi Mwega, Ciondo, Kagaa, Aspodea and Itomboya roads.
Also four farmer groups were funded for value addition of horticultural crops by SHOMAP project. The groups are Jersey SHG, Kiambogo Self Help Group (SHG), Kamuingi SHG in Kinangop, Kiambogo potato growers.

In order to boost capacity for our farmers, the following extension activities were carried out:-

  • Farmers’ were taken for 10 tours on Horticulture and Potatoes,
  • 33 Field days were held to sensitize farmers on growing Pyrethrum, commercial peas and wheat,
  • 187 demonstrations activities on Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) in regard to potato production technologies, cut flower production, potato seed, commercial peas production and pyrethrum establishment,
  • 189 Farmers trainings were conducted on production, good Agriculture practices, marketing of pyrethrum, peas, carrot, apples, tree tomato, unions, cabbages, avocado, commercial villages, and contract farming for peas.
  • Some 122 Mobilization Barazas were held to promote production of Pyrethrum, cutflowers, commercial peas, fruit farming , Sensitization on Maize Lethal Necrotic Virus disease and clean Potatoes seeds multiplication,
  • Some 158 Soil samples were taken, analysed on PH levels and macronutrients (Nitrogen, Phosporous & Potasium) levels and farmers given soil management recommendations,
  • A County Agricultural trade fair was organized and successfully held at Ol’ Kalou stadium with thousands of farmers taking part in the four-day activity,
  • Four stakeholders’ meetings were held to chart the way forward for pyrethrum, Irish potatoes, cut-flowers and Commercial peas Agricultural value chains
  • Three Producer co-operatives were Formed and registered to promote production and marketing of Agriculture produce
  • Five new produce marketing groups were formed after farmers mobilization was done, and finally,
  • Seven groups (5 growing commercial peas and 2 growing cut flowers) were linked to produce buyers/market linkages.
Mr. Speaker, in order to promote agriculture activities at the farm level, the department of agriculture plans to carry out the following activities;
  • Procurement of potatoes seeds worth Sh8 Million for bulking at the ATC’s and others by farmers groups in order to improve the availability of clean and good quality potato seeds.
  • Construction of a Sh14 Million Horticulture cold storage / pack house in order to reduce the post-harvest losses and enhance the quality of our Horticultural produce.
  • Shs. 21 Million will be used in Establishment of a 45 acres bulking site for pyrethrum seedlings and purchase of pyrethrum seedlings for distribution to the farmers
  • Maize and bean seeds worth Sh1.5 Million will be procured for assistance to vulnerable farmers
  • A Sh 9 Million Refrigerated truck will be bought to assist cut flower and commercial peas farmers to take their produce to the market while it is still fresh
  • One Commercial peas Co-operative i.e. Mikaka in Geta will be facilitated for Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) Audit in order to acquire export license for their produce
  • A Sh 1.8 Million Fruit tree nursery will be established at Ol-joro-orok ATC to ensure that fruit seedlings like apples, avocadoes, Tree tomatoes are readily available at affordable price to the farmers
  • A Sh10 Million Soil and Feed testing laboratory will be established to improve the accessibility of soil and feed testing services in the County
  • One set of potato Mechanical digger/harvester, ridger and planter has been purchased and positioned at the AMS and is available for hire by the farmers. Another set will be purchased this Financial Year.
  • A Farm Tractor will be bought and positioned at the AMS to be available for hire by the farmers
  • A partly completed office block and Hostel at the Agricultural Training Center (ATC) Ol-joro-orok will be completed
  • A Sh 1.8 million Diffused light store will be constructed at Njabini ATC farm to assist the potato farmers store and access potato seeds easily.
  • Sh 28 Million will be used for the completion of the following ongoing micro irrigation projects: – Baraka, Ndida, Muthuri and Mwihoko Githima; co- financing Gathanji irrigation project to cater for irrigation and fish farming; and excavation of 3 water pans.

Mr. Speaker, let me now turn my attention to the livestock sector.
During the period under review, the department of livestock and fisheries has recorded key achievements. I wish to highlight some of the achievements as follows;

  • In conjunction with development partners 10 pulverizers were procured and given to farmer groups to improve feeds utilization efficiency.
  • Another 30 pulverizers will be procured this financial year at a cost of Sh3.15 million and distributed to dairy groups in all wards. In addition 10 animal Feed mixers worth Sh2.5 million will be acquired and 2 groups per Sub County will benefit.
  • During the past two years some 95 sessions in training and demonstrations on all aspect of animal husbandry including breeding, feeding, housing and product value addition were conducted where some, 3,488 farmers attended.
  • Ten biogas units -two per Sub-County for demonstration of use of biogas are currently being distributed to farmer groups; an addition 30 biogas units will be distributed in all wards this year.
  • The department will acquire three automatic milk vending machines (milk dispensers) to improve on milk marketing and distributed to upcoming dairy co-operatives at a cost of Sh3.6 million.
  • Ten model zero grazing units will be constructed in deserving institutions i.e. two per sub county this year at a cost of Sh1.75million.
  • Through Public Private Partnership (PPP) initiatives, two milk coolers have been purchased and donated to 2 farmer groups Kitiri and Kimathi SHG.
  • A total of Sh 2.4 million will be used this year in the establishment, training and demonstration on recommended pastures and fodders in all wards.
Mr. Speaker, Nyandarua County has an estimated sheep population 337,598 animals. An average annual wool production stands at 197,250 kgs for which farmers earn Sh.9, 862,650. The estimated earnings from mutton and skins is Sh224,103,370

For a long time, this value chain has been neglected resulting in in-breeding, low quality products, marketing problems and other existing gaps in the chain.

To address these challenges, the department decided to implement measures in the following areas;
– Upgrading of existing flock through procurement of breeding rams and providing value addition equipment’s to value add our wool.
– Capacity building on managerial aspect

During the period under review, the following achievements were recorded in this sector;

• 61 sessions in Trainings and demonstrations on all aspect of sheep husbandly including breeding, feeding, housing and product value addition for which 1,300 farmers attended in all wards.

• The Department plans to support farmer groups through procurement of Dorper breeding rams to be distributed in the drier parts of Leshau, Kiriita Central, Githioro ,Wanjohi, Kanjuiri and Kaimbaga wards . We also plan to procure 18 corriendale rams to be distributed to the other wards- one per ward this year-, all at a cost of Sh 1 million.

• 15 wool spinning machines,. i.e. three per Sub County as value addition equipment will be acquired and distributed to groups this year at a cost of Sh 1.5 million.

Mr. Speaker, it is also important for me to mention that we have made efforts to boost rabbit rearing by holding training sessions and demonstrations to our farmers. We plan to construct a rabbit breeding and multiplication station at the ATC, Ol’joro-Orok.

The poultry sector also earned farmers a total Sh.224, 683,580 through sale of eggs and meat during the period under review. This sector is also under-going reforms through introduction of better breeds.

In this regards some fabricated six incubators for hatching eggs suitable for Nyandarua Climate are currently being distributed. An additional 30 incubators will be purchased this year at a cost of Sh2.7 million.
These will be distributed to poultry farmer groups especially women and youth.

Mr. Speaker, the department has also worked hard to promote production of honey. During the period 2013/14 some 176,190 kgs of honey valued at Sh333 million was produced.

We have conducted 71 sessions in training and demonstrations on all aspect of beekeeping and product value addition that was attended by 1,736 farmers from all the wards.

The department acquired Kenya Top Bar Hives (KTBH) hives,7Langstroth Hives 6, harvesting suits -11 ,bee brush (11),hive tool (11),Smoker(10), Catcher box (11)-all used for training farmers.

During this financial year we plan to procure six beekeeping starter kits comprising the latest version of Langstroth hive for the African bee plus a six frame honey extractors and other equipments to be distributed to active groups- one per Sub County at a cost of Kshs 930,000.

In the fisheries sub-sector, the Bill of Quantities (BQs) have been undertaken for the renovation of farm structures, ponds, inlet canals and water intake at Ndaragwa Trout farm. This project will cost Sh3 million and is set to take off this financial year 2014/2015.

Renovation of farm structures, ponds, electrification, water intake de-silting, power house construction and daphnia construction at Geta trout farm at a cost of Sh5 million is set to take off before the end of this financial year.
We shall also undertake stocking/ re-stocking of dams in all the sub-counties at a cost of Sh2.6 million towards the end of this financial year.

We intend to purchase fishing gears at a cost of Sh1 million for distribution to youth groups in all sub-counties. The department will construct demo ponds in the ATCs at a cost of Sh500,000 and this project is set to take off before the end of this financial year.

Finally Mr. Speaker, the veterinary department has rehabilitated 25 dips and 25 more dips are proposed for rehabilitation in this financial year.

The department has also acquired equipment for 7 AI static points (51 liquid nitrogen containers) and we are ready for the establishment of 7 more static points in this financial year.

This project is critical in the provision of AI services to farmers in all the sub-counties so that we can improve our breeds. Indeed, we intend to roll out mobile AI services to be carried out in all wards in collaboration with Heifer International and Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT). Farmers will be supplied with telephone numbers of mobile AI providers and will simply ring them whenever the need arises.

Water and Energy/Environment
Mr. Speaker Sir,
You are aware that Nyandarua is an important water tower that supplies water to other counties including Nairobi, Nakuru, Laikipia and other areas in the northern regions of our country.
Yet our people have to make do with limited amounts of water especially during the dry seasons when they lose their animals to drought.

My administration is undertaking water mapping in collaboration with Israeli- Tahal International Group. Soon water projects will be initiated across all the wards in partnership with key development partners.

Mr. Speaker, I also wish to report to this House that my administration has held talks with the management of Tana and Athi Rivers Development Authority (TARDA) and the organization is desilting several dams in Kinangop sub-county.
This will boost water supply to farmers and livestock especially during the dry seasons.

The department has also collaborated with the National Youth Service (NYS) to construct water pans in all the five sub-counties. In total, 14 water pans have been constructed during the past year.

They include Rurii Kimotho, Kaimbaga Karima (Ol’Kalou), Gathima, Wanjohi Kibubuti, Githioro Waithaka (Kipipiri), Gathaara Mutungu (Kinangop), Muiguithania, Ndururi, and Kiandongoro (Ndaragwa). Five other water pans are being undertaken and will be completed soon.

In our effort to tackle the problem of water crisis in the drier parts of our county- mainly Ndaragwa and Kipipiri sub-counties, my administration-in collaboartion with the National Water and Pipeline Corporation is undertaking a major water project to construct a mega dam from Pesi River.

Feasibility studies for this project have commenced and will end in June 2015. Between June 2015 and March 2016 we expect to undertake the design works, culminating in the project launch by April 2016.

This project is expected to cost billions of shillings and once completed will generate 15 million cubic meters of water to be will supplied in Ndaragwa, Ol’joro-Orok and parts of Ol’Kalou and Kipipiri sub-counties.

On environment management, the department is partnering with other stakeholders in the campaign to embrace the use of biogas for cooking and lighting homes instead of firewood.

Our effort to protect water catchment areas and eradicate the use of firewood has been complimented by the Nairobi City Water Company which has so far organised the annual Sasumua half-marathon during past two years.

Similarly, we have launched the Lake Ol’bollosat half marathon to promote tree conservation efforts in the area and boost the lake as a tourist destination. The first event was held in 2014 and arrangements are underway to hold another event this year.

Education, Culture and Social Services
Mr. Speaker Sir,
You are aware the national government is yet to fully devolve education to the counties and our mandate is mainly concentrated in taking care of Early Childhood Development (ECD) and youth polytechnics.

However, my administration continues to take keen interest in the development of education in our county and I have personally called several meetings of key stakeholders to explore ways of improving the performance of pupils and students in national examinations.

During the past two years Nyandarua County has recorded remarkable improvement in the Kenya Certificate of Primary Examination (KCPE).

While I commend teachers and parents for this improvement, I wish to emphasize that this will not deter us from tackling existing challenges until Nyandarua reclaims it lost glory when it used to take position ONE nationally.
As a county we must be prepared to lay strong foundation for our children starting from the ECD level so that we can mould them to become strong future leaders.

Towards this end, my administration has already hired 400 preparatory assistants for ECD classes who have been posted to various stations in all our 25 wards. The County government has allocated Sh10,000 salary to each of the preparatory assistant, which is over and above what they receive from parents on monthly basis.

We expect to recruit a higher number of ECD preparatory assistants so that we can promote effective teaching not only in pre-primary schools but also in lower primary classes.

I am a strong advocate for collaboration between parents and teachers in enforcing discipline among learners in schools. Without discipline we should never expect to achieve good results in national examinations.

Mr. Speaker,
I wish remind Honourable Members that Education is a basic right for all Kenyans and this is clearly stipulated in the new Constitution we embraced in 2010, the Children act of 2001 as well as Basic Education Act 2013.
Further, the Basic Education Act 2013 has placed the management of education under County Education Boards. It has also co- joined the two levels of governance by having a County Executive Member in charge of Education as Member of the County Education Board.

My administration has undertaken construction of modern ECD classes across the County in order to ensure that our children were housed in the best classes.

By constructing modern classrooms for ECD children, my administration aims at encouraging young learners to pursue education by giving them attractive facilities.

So far, some 46 ECD centers have been put up at a cost of Sh28 million and the county government is equipping 25 others at a cost of Sh7.6 million.

The government has set up bursary kitty for needy cases across the county and so far Sh32.5 million has been disbursed to finance education of children from poor families in all our 25 wards.

During the 2014/2015 the department of Education has set aside Sh42.5 million for bursary kitty translating to Sh1 million for each of the 25 wards. This figure will be increased in the future.

Mr. Speaker, my administration has also enacted strategies to upgrade youth polytechnics across the county to cater for children who do not proceed with education beyond primary school level.

We have 13 Youth Polytechnics that are operational while others are being revived. Six of them received development funds for various projects ranging from construction of hostels, workshops and installation of electricity.

In the current financial year Youth Polytechnics from all the wards will receive funds for identified projects while those whose projects are on-going will receive more funds.

Land and housing

Mr. Speaker,
Allow me to turn my attention to the department of Lands, Housing and Physical Planning.
Land is an important resource for the people of Nyandarua County and Kenya as a whole as it is the back-borne of agriculture. Without land, we cannot hope to achieve the targets set in the agriculture sector.

During the period 2013-2014 and part of 2014-2015, this department was able to produce physical development plans for Koinange and Mbuyu Trading centres.

Further, the Physical Planning section has been able to complete the process of digitalizing development plan for Ol’kalou Urban area.

Other townships earmarked for digitization include Ol’joro-orok, Miharati and Engineer.
The national government has already approved plans for the settlement of squatters in Ngorika, Koinange, Heni, Gathundia, Passenga, Igwa Miti, Matindiri and Kanyagia townships.

The County Government with help of National Land Commission and Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) has been able to initiate the repossession exercise of public land that was earlier grabbed by private developers. A case in point is land parcel No.Nyandarua /Olkalou /Salient /11 which measures 95 acres. My administration intends to set up of public facilities including a training institute for youths.

The County Government through the department has already acquired land for public use in selected urban centers such as Mwendandu and Engineer towns and we plan to acquire similar land in Nyairoko and Mastoo centers.
A task force which was set up in January 2014 has already tabled its preliminary reports and the County Land Management Board is already in place. We expect that all public land that has been illegally alienated will be recovered.

Mr. Speaker, Honourable Members of this House are aware that we signed an MoU with the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) in connection with proposed construction of 500 housing units in Ol’Kalou town at a cost of over Sh1 billion.
Let me emphasize that Nyandarua County is the first of the 47 counties to have entered into an MoU of this kind with the NSSF.

The project should have taken off three months ago but lack of legal land documentation has delayed the project. We are fast-trucking the process of acquiring title deeds for the land in question and hope the project will take off by June this year.

Mr. Speaker Sir,
During the past two years, Nyandarua residents have witnessed major changes in the health sector including supply of drugs in all dispensaries, health centers and hospitals across the county.

During the 2013/2014 period, the department of Health undertook a successful campaign against polio and immunized nearly 100,000 children in the age bracket of two to five years, surpassing the earlier target of 93,000 children.
The County government also started the construction of a maternity complex for Engineer District Hospital and the project will cost Sh70 million.

However, this project suffered temporary setback after it stalled in June 2014 when money earmarked for the completion of the project was returned to the Treasury. This challenge has been addressed through the Supplementary budget that was passed in this House two weeks ago and my administration will see to it the project is completed by June 2015.

Mr. Speaker, my administration has established the Nyandarua Campus of Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) and the first batch of 40 students admitted on October 15 last year.

The campus will be fully-fledged in the next 5 years.

The County government has moved to modernize all the health centers across the county and has purchased ambulances that have been supplied to Kipipiri, Kinangop and Ol’joro-Orok sub-counties. Other ambulances will be purchased and supplied to major health centers across the county.

Mr. Speaker, allow me to highlight some of the projects in the Health sector that are currently being undertaken by my administration in all the wards in the County:

Engineer Level Four Hospital is being funded at cost of Sh70 million which was voted in the year 2013/2014.
• Sh 54 million will be used for Maternity and Maternity theatre which is under construction,
• Sh 9.2 million will be used to put up an X-Ray Block that is under construction and the the balance to start the mortuary project.
During the 2014/2015 financial year, the department of Health has allocated Sh 35 million in year for the completion of project.
Other important projects in the Health sector are as follows:

  • Acquisition of two garbage trucks at Kshs.16 million. This was budgeted in the year 2013/2014 but was blocked by the closure of financial year. The funding has been requested in the supplementary budget.
  • Mumui Dispensary – Kshs.2 million had been allocated in the year 2013/2014 but the Bill of Quantities (BQs) escalated the costs to over Kshs.14 million. The BQs have since been reviewed to Kshs.7.4 million and plan to start procurement process is under way. The amount has been requested in the supplementary budget.
  • Kiambogo Maternity – Kshs. 2 million had been allocated in the year 2013/2014 but the BQs estimated the cost to over Kshs.17 million. The BQs have since been reviewed to Kshs.7.2 million and plan to start procurement process is under way. The amount has been requested in the supplementary budget.
  • Kanjuiri Maternity – Kshs. 2 million had been allocated in the year 2013/2014 but the BQs put the cost to over Kshs.17 million. The price has since been reviewed downwards to Kshs.7.2 million and plan to start procurement process is under way. The amount has been requested in the supplementary budget.
  • Mukindu Maternity – Kshs.7.2 million and plan to start procurement process is under way. The amount has been requested in the supplementary budget.
  • Kasuku Eco Toilet – Planned at approximately Kshs.4 million but there was no land. We are in the process of acquiring land for construction of the Eco toilet.
  • Ndaragwa Health Centre – construction of pit latrine and installation of electricity. The department of Health will implement this project on getting funds following the passing of the supplementary budget.
  • Kiriogo Dispensary – construction of pit latrine, renovation of water closet, installation of electricity. We are awaiting release of fund for the tender committee to do evaluation and award.
  • Leshau Pondo Health Centre – renovation and construction of incinerator, water tank and completion of youth friendly centre. We are awaiting the release of funds for the tender committee to do evaluation and award.
  • Shauri Dispensary – Construction of staff house under ward targeted project. The amount allocated was Kshs.1,050,000, but the BQs turned to be over Kshs.4 million. We have commissioned the review of the scope of works.
  • Njabini Health Centre – Mr. Speaker, we intend to carry out roof replacement under ward targeted project. However, there will be slight delays in the procurement of asbestos before work can be started.
Mr. Speaker, my administration has also identified six key flagship projects to be undertaken by this department as follows:
1. Ol Kalou Nursing School – The first class of Nutrition was admitted in September 2014. We need to build classes, Laboratories, libraries for subsequent intakes and also for introduction of nursing classes during this financial year 2014/2015.

2. Upgrading of JM Kariuki Memorial Hospital to County referral Hospital- plans are underway to construct a theatre with CSSD (for sterilizing critical equipment), Laboratory, and a Renal Unit during 2014/2015 and 2015/2016 financial years in order to accommodate the Medical Equipment Service (MES) project which is meant to equip the hospital to level 5. As Honourable Members are aware, MES is a project of the national government to equip selected hospitals in the counties to offer critical services such as cancer, kidney complications and heart disease. This project is expected to cost Sh38 billion. Other planned projects in the hospital will be financed in the subsequent financial years. Plans to establish a regional paediatric teaching and referral hospital in conjunction with Israeli Government is underway.

3. Upgrading of Engineer Hospital – an ultra modern maternity is under construction as well as an X ray unit. There are plans to construct a mortuary. The Hospital will also benefit from the MES project and therefore there are plans to put up a laboratory in order to accommodate the equipment.

4. Upgrading of Ndaragwa and Bamboo Health centers to Hospitals – these are projects to be financed starting 2016.

5. Construction of a Hospice at Ol Kalou – there is a plan to start a cancer centre plus hospice at Ol Kalou hospital which is donor funded and is being spearheaded by the Hon. Wanjiku Muhia in partnership with the County Government.

Mr. Speaker, the House will recall that in order to address the issue of acute shortage of staff, the County Public Service Board (CPSB) hired an additional 136 middle level cadre health workers to fill the critical gaps.
Also my administration has streamlined the process of garbage collection and purchased three (3) new garbage collection trucks for the purpose. These trucks are being used to collect garbage in all urban centers across the county.

County Attorney
The County Attorney, E-government and Inter-governmental relations has mandate to oversee the county legislative agenda as well as litigation and legal affairs.
During the period under review the department has undertaken following activities:

(a) It has supported other county departments in handling of diverse legal matters including preparations and co-ordination of executions of policy contract deeds, MoUs and contracts . The department continues to co-ordinate and offer legal advisories on policy to various county departments.

(b) Various legislation in areas such as public participation,
civic education, early child development and persons with disabilities were enacted.
The department also produced legislation on county emblems as well as new law governing the production and consumption of alcohol.

Recently, the department introduced legislation to regulate the bodaboda sector, Co-operative Development Fund, among others. Two weeks ago the department brought together representatives of the County Assembly and those from Executive to give input on various bills which will soon be introduced before this Assembly for debate and eventual enactment.

(c) The department is committed to forging partnership with this Assembly to fast track any law that both arms of government intend to come up with. Talks toward that direction will be pursued.

(d) The department has also continued to pursue policy issues with other inter-governmental agencies such as Nacada and the Judiciary among others and negotiations to establishing a county rehabilitation centre at Ndemi are complete.
Mr. Speaker I am also happy to report that through the efforts of this department, my administration, in conjunction with the Judiciary hope to establish a mobile court in Ol’kalou town by May this year.

Indeed, a modest budget of Sh3 million has been approved by this House for renovation of a building that will serve as the holding ground for the court.

Two weeks ago, my administration hosted Chief Justice, Hon. Dr. Willy Mutunga and through our negotiations, the Judiciary has agreed to refurbish Engineer Law Courts.

The Judiciary has also agreed to fast track the construction of Ol’Kalou High Court on a three-acre piece of land we donated for that project. The Chief Justice is expected in Nyandarua in May to commission the two projects in Engineer and Ol’Kalou town.

(e) The department is currently finalising on preparing a departmental civic and awareness manual for dissemination as part of informing citizens on general governance issues.

(f) The department is partnering with Ol’kalou community library to make it a readership and information resource centre. Details of this project will be made public soon.

On the other hand, the ICT department has recorded major contribution by unlocking the County Website. As a result of this, the county government is able to advertise for all our services through the website ( instead of buying acres and acres of pages from the newspapers, hence saving millions of shilling in revenue.

Mr. Speaker, the ICT department in collaboration with the Governor’s Press service, has produced a county documentary to showcase some of our achievements. This documentary has been shown across all the five sub-counties.
I want to assure members that all the comments and suggestions made by the public on grey areas in this documentary will be addressed when we produce another documentary by end of May this year.

The department is working on the implementation of the ICT infrastructure, the Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN). This project will help in promoting communication among departments and at the same facilitate sharing of resources and financial automation.

Finally, the department is implementing Bulk SMS system which will be used to reach members of the public through their mobile phones by sending short text messages on important issues and upcoming events in the County.

Department of Sports/Tourism
Mr. Speaker Sir,
Sport is an important department in our County and Kenya as a whole as it is through sports that we are able to tap the potential of our youths and boost their future.

Indeed, Nyandarua County has in the past produced renowned sportsmen who have attracted national and international attention. My administration is keen to harness the potential of our youths and sensitize them about the great potential this sector has for them and our county in general.

During the first year of my administration, the department of sports operated under the Ministry of Education, Culture and Social Services, but I have since re-organised my government and put Sports in the same department as

Tourism and Wildlife.
I wish to highlight some of the activities undertaken by the department of sports during the past two years so that Honourable Members may be kept abreast with the affairs of this department:

1. January 2014 – Cross country –
(a) Games started from Sub County up to the regional level. Nyandarua County took 19 out of the 24 slots for the national event held on 14 February in Uhuru Gardens, Nairobi. At Regional Championship, our county was the overall best and retained a trophy we won for three consecutive times. Four athletes from our county qualified to represent Kenya in Africa Cross Country Championship in Kampala, Uganda while the others went for World Cross Country Championship in Scotland. Kenya won all the categories in Kampala.

(b) 2015 – Games started from Sub County to national level. In the regional level, our county took 22 out of 24 slots for the national event.

2. First Lady’s Half Marathon-
a) 2014- The event started from the county level to national level and Nyandarua County was represented by our best athletes together with the supporters of the First Lady in the fun race where we won Junior Men and Junior Women both in position one.

3. The Governor’s tournament national competitions –

a) 2014- The event started from ward level to the regional level. Two disciplines were involved namely, Football men and women and Volleyball men and women.

At the regional level Nyandarua County was the overall best having taken position one in Football men and women, position two in Volleyball men and women and position one in netball. The County won position one trophy

b) 2015- (KYISA) The National Championship was postponed by all the counties due to financial crisis. It has been agreed that the same shall be held this month, in Nanyuki, Laikipia County.

4. KICOSCA – This is an opportunity for members of staff to showcase their talents in four disciplines namely; volleyball, darts, pool and choir. The volleyball and darts teams reached semi-quarters.

5. Upgrading of stadia-
a) 2014- The Ol Kalou Playground had the track cut and part of the pitch leveled.
b) 2015-The Njabini Play Ground was fenced after a strong wind destroyed the fence.

6. Sports equipment
a) The department purchased the following equipment:
(a) 112 sets of uniforms for football, volleyball men and women and netball for wards, Sub Counties and County teams.
(b) 86 volleyballs and footballs
(c) 4 goal nets
(d) 4 volleyball nets
(e) 50 tracksuits
(f) 50 pairs of sports shoes

7. Track and Field
a) 2014- The event was carried out from Sub County level to National Championship at Nyayo Stadium, Nairobi County. In the Regional Championship, our county was the best overall and won position one trophy. At national level four athletes from our team were selected to represent Kenya.

8. Lake Ol bolosat Road Race and Cycling Competition-
a) The race was done at the climax of Nyandarua Trade Fair which attracted many athletes within and outside Nyandarua. It exposed the tourist sites in the Lake Ol, Bolosat and investment opportunities along its shores.

9. Sports Committees- The Department elected sports committees to support Sports Officers during sports events from the ward to the county level.

10. Football Clinic:
a) A football clinic for Refereeing was held for participants from all the wards where they were facilitated fully with accommodation, food, transport and out of pocket allowances. A total of 75 participants were recruited.
Mr. Speaker, I wish to urge Honourable Members of this House to support this department so that together, we can promote the welfare of our youth.

As you are aware, some of our youths have fallen victim of drugs and other harmful substances mainly due to idleness and lack of white-color jobs. We have an opportunity to change the mindset of our youths and enlighten them on the opportunities that existed in sports for which they can make careers.

Mr. Speaker Sir,
My administration, through the department of Tourism, has worked hard during the past two years to promote Nyandarua County as a tourist destination.

We have specifically focused on existing tourist attraction sites and have taken steps to develop them so that visitors from other parts of our country and even overseas can find it exciting visiting our region.
The tourism department is in the process of implementing several projects in the county. I wish to mention some of the projects for the benefit of the honourable members:

1. Clearing Mau Mau Caves.
In order to promote heritage tourism, one of the key areas identified in the 2014/15 Annual Development Plan is to package the Mau Mau caves and mark out nature trails for tourism development. Work to clear caves and mark the nature trails is in progress in the Aberdares, specifically in Kipipiri region, and is almost complete.

2. Miss Tourism event
The department successfully completed the annual chapter of Miss Tourism Kenya, 2014 held in Nairobi on 21st February, 2015. The county delegate, Miss Lucy Muthoni Mbaria participated fully and placed the county in the map of the national and international Miss Tourism event. She will represent the county in all matters to do with tourism promotion and marketing here and abroad. The event also helped us to identify Miss Investment and Miss Environment Nyandarua, who will work with the youth in accessing development opportunities, and spearhead environmental conservation in the county.

3. Lake O’lbollossat ecological survey and Water birds Counting

This project was carried out in collaboration with the National Museums of Kenya and CBOs such as Friends of Kinangop. It was aimed at evaluating the ecological balance of the western Aberdare ecosystem (which is a strategically important region as the county prepares to reclaim and develop the Lake for tourism, as well as to note the effect on wildlife dependent on the lake), particularly through a waterbirds counting exercise. While the report by the national museum regarding the number and species of water-birds present did not point to an immediate excessive degradation of the ecosystem, it emphasized on the need for more proactive conservation efforts by various stakeholders as some bird species were noted to have been fewer than in previous counts. It also recommended that the county widens its scope of bird survey to the surrounding dams and small wetlands. Bird watching, or avi-tourism, is increasingly becoming a popular form of national and international tourism.

4. Consultations between the Tourism Fund and Mt Kenya Tourism Cluster on projects funding
The county was represented at a meeting between the Tourism Fund and the Mt Kenya Tourism cluster comprised of the counties in the Mt Kenya and Aberdares region including Nyandarua, Nyeri, Laikipia, Meru, Tharaka Nithi, Muranga, Kirinyaga, and Embu. The meeting was aimed at identifying projects that the tourism fund could partner in with the counties. Reclamation and rehabilitation of Lake O’lobolassat was given a top priority, and the fund will be engaging the three partner counties including Nyandarua, Nyeri and Laikipia in order to fast track funding to rehabilitate the lake for conservation and tourism development purposes.

5. Tourism products Mapping in Ol’Kalou, Ol’joro-Orok and Ndaragwa areas
This activity was supposed to follow the one successfully conducted in Kipipiri and Kinangop in May, 2014, but has delayed due to staff challenges. The project is however expected to start soon and the department is holding talks with National Museums and Kenya Wildlife Service to fast track its commencement.

Finance and Economic Planning.

Mr. Speaker Sir,
Allow me to make few remarks about this department. As Honourable Members are aware, I have made changes in the running of this department to strengthen its capacity and inject new blood in targeted areas. Luckily, I have not been disappointed.

This department is mandated to provide support to other county departments for their smooth operations. It provides support in accounting, financial, planning and budgeting matters to other ministries. This is an important mandate the department has started to discharge with might and exemplary zeal as it strives to improve its operations in the future.

The department of finance has so far taken some drastic measures to enhance revenue collection. This has been done through rigorous campaigns involving revenue officers and collectors, setting up collection targets and undertaking periodic reviews to ensure targets are met. For the last two months, the county has managed to collect a total of Sh41 million as a result of these aggressive campaigns.

The department of Finance has so far decentralised payments where each and every department is initiating its own payments to suppliers and stakeholders. The department however, is providing the necessary support to ensure payments are made as per the legal requirements and laid down procedures.

The integrated financial management information system (IFMIS) has now been fully rolled out in the county. Payments are being made through the system which provides an efficient and effective way of making payments. Additionally, the adoption of IFMIS is a requirement for all the County Governments by the National Treasury.

Mr. Speaker, we recognize the powers of the County Assembly in the Budget making process including the approval of budgetary estimates submitted by the Executive.

However, there is need to seek clarification from the respective County Executive Members concerned should there arise an issue with regard to their respective department estimates to avert a situation where certain departments are crippled as a result of excessive reduction in their budgetary estimates .

It sometimes appears as if the County Assembly is actually engaged in the actual budget making which is clearly the preserve of the county executive.

The truth is that we are open to receiving recommendations on areas the County Assembly feels needs adjustment from our end.

Mr. Speaker Sir,
Allow me to conclude my remarks by highlighting the activities undertaken by my government in the co-operative and industrialization sectors.

The co-operative movement plays a very key role in the social economic development of the county and the Kenya as a whole. The following are some of activities undertaken by this the department during the last two years.

1) Thirteen dairy co-operatives have been revived which had been dormant for a long period- increasing the number of farmers marketing milk through co-operatives. This has resulted to increase of the amount of milk marketed through co-operatives

2) Thirty two (32) new co-operatives have been formed and registered. This has been possible through sensitizations and co-operative education

3) The department has installed two milk coolers in Karati farmers co-operative and Umoja Dairy co-operative-This has increased milk bulking and improved the quality of milk, giving farmers better prices for their milk.

4) Tulaga farmers Co-operative has been assisted financially in putting up animal feed mill plant.

5) Weak co-operatives have been assisted with milk equipment e.g. milk cans

6) The department is in the process of purchasing three milk coolers for Boiman dairy, Geta farmers and South Kinangop Farmers co-operative societies.

7) The department is at an advanced stage in forming Boda Boda saccos in every ward which will enhance the culture of savings among Boda Boda operators and assist them in acquiring cheap credit

8) The department of co-operative is in the process of assisting all Saccos across the county to computerize all their operations

9) The co-operative development bill is at an advanced stage which will assist co-operatives in accessing credit facilities

Mr. Speaker, the co-operative audit services division has audited about 60 co-operatives and inspected 40 others every year.

We have improved corporate governance in co-operatives. This has been achieved through co-operative education among leaders and members in general, advisory services to co-operatives, inspections and auditing of co-operatives. The net effect of this is reduced wrangles in co-operatives and the positive growth being witnessed in the movement.
Farmers’ co-operative societies in the region have assisted members in the acquisition of fertilizers and other farm inputs. The sector also boasts of increased investments through housing and investment co-operative societies in the county.

The co-operative movement has positively impacted on the people’s living standards where members are able to pay fees for their children and there is a noticeable increase in the number of members investing in the Matatu sector and real estate.

The co-operative movement in Nyandarua County has also created 405 direct jobs and over 1100 jobs through casual employment. The dairy sector earned farmers about Kshs.1.86 billion in the year 2014.

On the other hand, the Sacco sector in urban and rural areas recorded a turn-over of more than Sh531 million in the year 2014. This sector has been very instrumental in the mobilization of funds which have largely contributed to the steady growth and development of individuals and the community at large. Savings mobilized through the Sacco sector during this period have been in the excess of Sh4.8 million.

Today Nyandarua County boasts over 125 co-operative societies, dealing in key areas of farming, savings and credit, housing and investments. During the period under review the department supervised 64 savings and credit co-operatives; 34 dairy cooperatives; nine housing cooperatives; four horticulture co-operatives; two investment societies; and twelve rural Saccos with a combined turnover of over Sh1.1 billion and a membership of over 135,000 members.

Mr. Speaker I wish to conclude my speech by mentioning something about the Trade department.
During the period under review, this department disbursed Loans to 85 traders across the county amounting to Sh6.2 million. It also recovered Sh.5 millions from previous loans

The department intends to construct eight market sheds to improve working environment for traders. The bills of quantity are almost complete to enable the commencement of the project.

The department has trained over 300 traders in business management skills across the county and organized a successive trade fair in the county in the 2014- Linking traders to customers.

Also the department prepared a county MSE report with the department of enterprise and industrialization. The enactment of Nyandarua Trade Fund Act is in its final stages which will enable traders in the county to access low interest loans with about Sh6 million being disbursed during the 2014/2015 financial year.

Weight and Measures is another unit of this department. During the period under review, this unit inspected about 850 business premises in one year and raised substantial revenue.

Mr. Speaker, the unit of industrialization is in the process of operationalizing constituency industrial centres in Ndaragwa, Geta, Ndunyu Njeru, and OlKalou where artisans will be equipped with tools.

The Enterprise unit has facilitated Jual Kali artisans to attend trade shows in different counties and national trade shows. Besides, they were also facilitated to attend an international trade show in Rwanda.

The unit also assisted artisans to train in the following institutions; Kenya Institute of Patent Intellectual (KIPI), Kenya Industrial Research and Development Institute (KIRDI) and Kenya Bureau of Standard (KEBS). This has enabled the artisans to improve their products standards and quality as well as encouraging innovations.

Mr. Speaker Sir I wish to thank you personally and honourable members of this House for according my administration the necessary support to undertake all the projects I have enumerated today.

It is my sincere hope that this partnership will continue to thrive as we work hard to serve our people and take Nyandarua County to the next level.
Mr. Speaker Sir, I beg to move.

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