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Allow me to start by thanking the Almighty God for bringing us this far since our swearing in as the Governor and the Deputy Governor on August 21st 2017. Today marks the final step in the appointment of my Cabinet) after the successful and speedy vetting and approval by the County Assembly. I wish to congratulate all the CEC members who have been sworn in today to partner with me in implementing our Manifesto to transform our County for the better.

I also wish to sincerely thank the Speaker and the entire County Assembly for diligently and expeditiously undertaking their legal responsibility of vetting the members who were nominated to ensure that they are committed men and women who are competent to serve this County effectively.

The Government has been re-structured to facilitate effective service delivery to the people. The Departments will be structured as follows:
No. Department 1Youth, Sport & the Arts2Public Administration & ICT3Education, Gender Affairs, Culture & Social Services4Transport, Energy & Public Works5Agriculture, Livestock & Fisheries6Water, Environment, Tourism & Natural Resources7Industrialization, Trade & Cooperatives8Lands, Housing & Physical Planning & Urban Development 9Health Services10Finance & Economic DevelopmentGovernance
The Office of the County Secretary and Head of Public Service will continue being a coordinating hub for the entire executive.

As I have said before, my Administration is going to be pragmatic, working through leadership caucuses of Elected Leaders, Ward Committees, Professionals, Interest groups/stakeholders and various Subject Matter Experts on each pillar in my Manifesto.

We shall infuse a culture of order, discipline, Rule of Law, efficiency, professionalism, value for money and excellence. It will be people-centred, responsive, and value driven public service.

The services will be rendered as a right not privilege. Public participation, equity and inclusiveness, efficient services, accountability and transparency will be key. We will not tolerate laxity and abuse of office and misuse of public resources. We will institutionalize a Result-based Public Service where every public servant in all ranks is placed on a Performance Contract.

Thus, I wish to let the new County Executive Members know that the public expectations from you are very high and as you start work, the Nyandarua public will be keenly watching. You must be good planners; have a good sense of insight to correctly interpret the public expectations into programmatic outcomes; and, good team players, while maintaining highest standards of professionalism humility and integrity. My office will not hesitate to intervene if this Code is broken. I expect that the Members will uphold accountability and high ethical standards in the course of their work.
My Key Focus has been and continues to revolve around developing a peaceful, secure, competitive, newly industrialized, and prosperous County. This team will be instrumental in achieving this noble objective. Together, we will steer this County to become the destination of choice for tourism and investment especially in the two critical factors that will redefine the 21st Century, namely Food and Water Security.
My leadership will work together to create synergy with the National level to lead the people of Nyandarua on the path to peace and prosperity. Nyandarua is a marginal County requiring concerted efforts from within the County and the National government under H.E. President Uhuru Kenyatta who openly declared that he is Governor No. 1 of Nyandarua County.
My leadership will work together to create synergy with all staff within the County and at the National level to lead the people of Nyandarua on the path to peace and prosperity.

Ladies and Gentlemen;

My Manifesto is underpinned on six (6) key pillars; (i) Good Governance (Peace, Security, Democracy, and Rule of law); (ii) Social Sector Development (Education, Health, Culture, Rights, Social Dimension and Services; (iii) Infrastructure Development (Water, Irrigation, Sewerage, Energy, Transport and Communication, ICT, Sports, Tourism, and Environment). (iv) Financial and Trade Services and Entrepreneurship Development; (v) Agriculture Development, Environmental Conservation; and (vi) Investments and Industrialization. This will be the guiding principle for performance measurement for all staff in my Government.

During my inaugural speech, I also outlined my first 100 days’ commitments in a 21-Point Agenda which will be implemented within a Rapid Results Initiative (RRI) framework. The Agenda outlines key focus areas that include consolidation of a Governance Excellence Model that ensures an effective, professional and value-driven Government; Public Participation in all public affairs in the County including convening of a Nyandarua We Want Conference that will give direction of where our County should go in terms of governance, investments, youth, women, and infrastructural development; land matters, which will include resolving the complex land issues in Nyandarua, granting City Status to Olkalou Town by World Bank, establishing a land bank to aid in attracting new investments and facilitating issuance of Title Deeds to at least 70% of colonial villages; Audit, and developing modalities for tracing and recovery of all County resources including land, vehicles, computers and projects; ICT framework for digitization of revenue collection; Policy framework for affordable rural and urban housing; Develop a database for professionals and the Diaspora and operationalise the Adopt a Needy Person/Institution Strategy;

Form a Special Joint Intergovernmental Task Force to report on a number of important issues including revival of education standards, commencement of a University and reports on revival of Pyrethrum sub-sector; Reports on Disaster Preparedness and Recovery Protocols; Establishment of a Service Delivery Unit to coordinate intergovernmental relations to fast-track H.E. The President’s Development Dividends to the County; Commence an elaborate legislative agenda to support implementation of my Manifesto; and, to engender religious harmony and a value-based society by engaging more with the religious community.

I intend to appoint a Change Team to develop a 100 days Rapid Results Initiative (RRI) after the Cabinet is Constituted to, among other things, follow up on specific commitments as well as fast-track the development dividends by H.E. President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The countdown on the 100 days starts tomorrow and upon expiry, I shall present a scorecard to Nyandarua on achievements made thus far. I must however hasten to add that even before the Cabinet was formed, we have been able to register some successes in a number of areas. These include:

Plot ownership verification for Olkalou and other surrounding townships providing assurance of clean plots where development can start;
Acquisition of University land and a technical report already produced to ensure classes commence early next year;
Public participation for the preparation of CIDP already done and collation of views is on-going;
Engagement with investors and development partners among them the EPZ, European Union (for potatoe seed multiplication), German Technical Cooperation (GIZ) and DANIDA (for dairy production and value addition) Irish Government ( for Potatoe value addition- a Presidential initiative), Toyota Tusho ( On fertilizers and sugar beet trials starting this month);
Engagement with Ministries of National Government and agencies such as Executive Office of the President; National Youth Service; Ministries of Agriculture; Education (Teachers Service Commission); Health; and Transport and Infrastructure;
Successfully negotiated for six (6) additional Sub-Counties for Nyandarua;
Developed Terms of Reference for various taskforces that will support the implementation of the 100 days commitments;
Signed an MOU with World Bank for the elevation of Olkalou to a special municipality;
Developed The 2017/2018 Finance Bill and conducted related public participation before presentation to the County Assembly (No increase in taxes, reduction of tax for youth enterprises including the Boda Boda); and
Formulated a Supplementary Budget to re-align priorities to be presented to the County Assembly with some of the key issues being the mainstreaming of a youth focus, initiation of an ECD feeding program.

In stating the above achievements I wish to acknowledge the support provided to us by the out-going Cabinet. I thank you most sincerely for this and for the contribution you have made in this county over the last five years.

Ladies and Gentlemen;

My Government places a lot of premium on transparency and accountability to the public. To ensure accountability across all departments, all officers will sign performance contracts. The Performance Management Unit will be enhanced to facilitate system implementation and tracking of results at all levels. A Performance Management Committee shall be convened to vet departmental performance contracts and guide the process of signing of the same. High levels of performance shall also be coupled with efficiency and value for money and reduction of wastage of public resources.

All Departments will have Service Charters clearly spelling out the Service Delivery Standards from those departments. Extension officers will have Service Registers detailing to whom and where the services were rendered including time frames and costs. I shall insist that my officers remain accessible to the public at all times because we have a solemn duty, honor and privilege to serve the public. This, we must do unreservedly. The CECs must visit Sub-Counties and Wards and engage the public in all matters that affect them at the grassroots.

To engender public participation in all facets of services delivery, my Government will endeavor to set up structures that will support initiatives at the ward and village level. For example, health facility committees will play a more visible role in overseeing the operations and management of the health facilities. In addition to a robust Drug Management System, the committees will help monitor how drugs are utilized to ensure highest level of accountability.
The County Government will establish Ward Committees which be representative and shall be expected to keep the Government informed on the happenings and the needs of the respective communities as well as disseminate any information that may be required to be taken to the public.

Ladies and Gentlemen;

In tackling the unemployment and poverty challenges to our people, Nyandarua County has to attract investors from within the Country and Internationally. To this end, this team will be tasked with organizing an Investors’ Conference to showcase the County’s potential to accommodate investment in different areas. Residents in the County gave us their inputs on the projects they believe will transform their lives during the 2018/2022 County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP) public participation forums. These will be followed up through Investment profiling after development of the Nyandarua County Investment Policy. Although all projects identified ought to be incorporated in the CIDP the Investor’s Conference will be instrumental in bridging any shortfall in funding for key flagship projects identified per Sub-County.

Ladies and Gentlemen;

The end term review of the 2013-17 CIDP has been concluded and preparation of the second generation County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP) 2018-2022 has started in earnest. The stakeholder participation in development of draft CIDP 2018-2022 has been ongoing and will continue at all levels. A validation and approval exercise will follow after which publishing of the CIDP will be done. I will eventually launch the 2018-2022 CIDP giving room for its dissemination.

For any meaningful development and to attract investors, the County urgently needs to develop a Land Bank. This will be achieved through two approaches; 1) Initiate identification & repossession of grabbed public land and 2) Initiate identification of suitable land for investment for purchasing to beef up the land bank. This will go hand in hand with resolving land issues within the County starting with Olkalou town where there are cases of double/multiple allocation, granting of Olkalou town a city status and improvement of other key towns. I wish to let the public know that after a recent verification exercise of land allocation in Olkalou, the Government has managed to sort out most of the issues and land owners can now confirm ownership through the Lands Department and proceed to develop the plots.

Today I wish to launch two taskforces namely:
The Taskforce on the Establishment of Nyandarua University
The Taskforce on improvement of Education Standards in the County.

I will be launching the 4 other Task forces on: Land; Ol Kalou beautification; Investments; and the Nyandarua We Want Conference.
I congratulate those who have been identified to work within these taskforces. It is my hope that you will join hands with my Government to offer your skill and experience for the development of this County.

In the next few days, my Government will present the supplementary budget to the County Assembly and initiate formal consensus building discussions on the priorities for the County some of which have already mentioned here. We shall also be pursuing the set up a revolving trade fund to starting with what was left over from the Ministry of Trade upon devolution.

I wish to also report that we received the report of the committee on assumption of office which indicated that there are various projects of the previous administration that are fully paid for and not completed. While we shall endeavor to complete these projects for the benefit of our people, I wish to reiterate that a through Forensic Audit shall be conducted to bring to book those who may have been involved in such corruption in these projects. I further wish to put contractors hired to carry out works in this county that delays, inefficiencies and sub-standard work shall not be tolerated. My Government will not hesitate to withdraw any such contracts in public interest.

Finally, I wish to ask the County Executive Committee Members to endeavor to develop good working relationship with key stakeholders including all elected leaders and key Institutions in the Public and Private sectors at National and County levels.
There is an African Proverb that says “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with others”.


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