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The construction of Pesi and Kinja Dams

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The construction of Pesi and Kinja Dams
The National Government, through National Water Conservation and Pipeline Corporation (NWCPC) has finally announced plans to start the construction work for Pesi and Kinja dams in Nyandarua County.

Last week, the National Water Conservation and Pipeline Corporation announced through newspaper advertisements it had embarked on a process which will result in the development of Pesi dam in Ndaragwa sub-county and Kinja dam in Kinangop sub-county.

The Corporation has invited qualified firms to submit their Expression of Interest (EOI) for financing and construction of the dams. Pesi dam, with an expected storage capacity of 16 million cubic meters, will serve both Nyandarua and parts of Laikipia while Kinja, with a storage capacity of 1.6 million cubic meters, will serve parts of North Kinangop and Naivasha.

The two dams will cost the national government- and by extension Kenyan taxpayers- a whopping Sh35 billion when the construction work is finally concluded within a period of three years.

For records, the Corporation has indicated the scope of work at the two sites will entail the following:
• Feasibility studies, detailed designs and dam construction,
• Design and construction of water treatment works,
• Laying of main and distribution lines,
• Construction of mini hydro-power plant and
• Improvement of access roads to the project sites.

Apart from providing Nyandarua with clean domestic water, provision of water for irrigation will also be taken into account. Total project costs of the projects, like I indicate earlier, is estimated at Sh35 billion and the work is expected to take three (3) years for completion.

As Governor of Nyandarua County, I wish to take this golden opportunity to sincerely thank our President H.E. Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta and the Deputy President H.E. William Ruto for granting our request to have the two dams constructed in our county at this particular moment in time.

Nyandarua is a water tower and this county has for many years provided water-for free- to other counties including Nairobi and Nakuru yet our people have experienced perennial water shortage for domestic and commercial use especially during the dry seasons.
Sasumua dam has provided Nairobi city with clean water since early 1950s but the people of Nyandarua have nothing to show for their conservation efforts that have enabled Nairobi residents enjoy this vital resource from our county.

Equally, we have provided Nakuru residents with water through Konoike Dam that was constructed along River Malewa in the 1980s yet the people of Kipipiri and Kinangop sub-counties have never benefitted from their generosity in conservation efforts that have enabled the survival of Malewa River.

It is therefore an act of great magnanimity for the President and his Deputy to have answered our cry for help by agreeing to have Pesi and Kinja dams constructed to provide water to our people.

I further wish to salute the President for keeping his word when he visited our county early this year and promised to look into the affairs of Nyandarua with a keen eye after recognizing that we are a marginalized county owing to historical injustices committed against our people.

For a fact, Nyandarua is the only county in Mount Kenya region that does not have full-fledged county headquarters as our former offices in Nyahururu town are now located in Laikipia County.

This is despite the fact that all our resources were used to develop Nyahururu town since independence in 1963 but the infrastructure we had created was lost when Nyahururu was relocated to Laikipia County.

Similar infrastructure including tarmacked roads, hospitals, educational institutions and regional administration offices are lacking and whatever we have today has painstakingly been developed through great sacrifices by our people.

It is for this reason that my administration welcomes wholeheartedly the good gesture shown by the national government through our President and his Deputy in starting projects in Nyandarua such as the two dams that will enable us catch up with our brothers and sisters in other neighbouring counties.

We are aware the President will soon visit Nyandarua to commission the construction work for the two dams as well as the tarmacking of several roads in our county. I urge the residents to prepare themselves and give the President warm welcome.

Finally, I wish to appeal to our people to continue working hard in their farms and other sectors of our economy and to shun characters who are going round the villages campaigning for political seats, long before the campaign time.

Public service is about indentifying yourself with the plight of the people you wish to serve, not demanding to be elected to this and that seat for purposes of self aggrandizement.

Therefore, let us focus our minds on development activities and ignore idlers who are seeking political offices merely to satisfy their bloated ego as opposed to serving the masses.

Long live Nyandarua County. Long Live Kenya.
Dated today August 30, 2016

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