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Water energy and natural resources

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Energy, wind and solar generated power
Potential to generate electricity by use of wind power within the County is found within Kinangop and Kipipiri (Mt. Miharati) areas,
Feasibility study should be undertaken to determine potential of solar energy within Ndogino and Mbuyu areas of Ndaragwa.
Kenya power is developing energy centre in Mirangine Township which shall be the focal point for technological and knowledge transfer on efficient ways of energy use.
Mining (Quarrying & Sand Harvesting)
Quarrying activities is found in a number of places within the County while sand harvesting is limited to Miharati and south-western parts of Kinangop along Nakuru – Nairobi highway. In spite of their economic contributions, these activities have a potential to socially and economically destroy and degrade the environment beyond limits hence the need for controls.

S/No Activity Location Near a River Recommendations
1 Quarrying Ol’kalou Town
2 Kaimbaga No
3 Kimathi Yes
4 Mkungi Yes Environmental Audit to be undertaken to establish levels of impact on the environment and quality of water.
5 Sand harvesting Miharati Yes
6 Kinangop No Environmental Audit to be undertaken and viable options established
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