Gichungo dispensary in Kaimbaga Ward, Ol’Kalou Sub-County, has today opened its doors to the public, 15 years after it had stalled.

Initiated in 2005, the project was mired in a land dispute, with residents having to travel tens of kilometers to Ol’Kalou town for health services.

His Excellency Governor Francis Kimemia, who will officially unveil the facility at a later date, begun addressing the residents’ concerns after his election in August 2017.

“We are glad he has kept his promise to us,” project chairperson Mr. Samuel Waruingi said as he welcomed patients to the dispensary.

A member of the project committee, Mr. Patrick Kamwana, thanked residents for their patience and support.

Jubilant residents hailed community health volunteers and assistants for offering basic healthcare while works on the facility continued.

“We have come in our numbers to witness this transformative project within our vicinity finally come back to life,” said Mrs. Mary Wangui, a community health volunteer who also lives in the area.

Other residents vowed to co-operate with health providers and spread word about the facility.

A nurse, Sister Dorcas Ndung’u, invited locals to receive services and treatment for common ailments, including pre-natal care.

County Executive Committee Member for Health Services Hon. (Dr.) John Mungai informed residents that more nurses and healthcare professionals will be deployed to the dispensary.

“Drugs are available and the facility is operational moving forward. Make good use of this resource,” he said in remarks delivered on his behalf by his representative, Mr. Joseph Mutura.

He added: “Kaimbaga Ward has now fulfilled the World Health Organization requirements of a healthcare facility every five kilometers.”

Officer in charge, Mr. Paul Chege, thanked the County Government for giving him an opportunity to serve at the facility.

In attendance was the area Assistant Chief, Mr. Zachary Chege.