Municipal Annual Urban Investment Plan and Budget – FY 2019/2020

Municipal Annual Urban Investment Plan and Budget – FY 2018/2019

Minutes of Olkalou Municipal Board meeting held on 24th January 2020


OlkALOU Municipal Board Citizen Forum Calendar  for 2019/2020 FY

Annual Report and financial statement for the financial year ended June 30, 2020


Minutes of Olkalou Municipal Board meeting held on 22 April, 2020

Public participation held on 30th January 2020 at Olkalou ACK hall for 2019/2020 Municipal Projects

Minutes of Public participation meeting held on 11th September 2019


Olkalou Municipal Intergrated Development Plan (IDEP) 2021-2025

Ol’kalou Municipality was established on 8th July 2019 following the gazettement of the Ol’kalou Municipal Charter on 8th May 2019. The office of the Municipality is located at the newly constructed Arthi house behind the County headquarters along the Olkalou – Gilgil road.


The objects of the Municipality of Ol’Kalou are to: –

  • Provide for efficient and accountable management of the affairs of the Municipality.
  • Provide for a governance mechanism that will enable the inhabitants of the Municipality to:
    a. Participate in determining the social services and regulatory framework which will best satisfy their needs and expectations.
    b. Verify whether public resources and authority are utilized or exercised, as the case may be, to their satisfaction.
    c. Enjoy efficiency in service delivery.
  • Vigorously pursue the developmental opportunities which are available in the Municipality and to institute such measures as are necessary for achieving public order and the provisions of civic amenities, so as to enhance the quality of life of the inhabitants of the Municipality.
  • Provide a high standard of social services in a cost effective manner to the inhabitants of the Municipality.
  • Promote social cohesiveness and a sense of civic duty and responsibility among the inhabitants and stakeholders in the Municipality in order to facilitate collective action and commitment towards achieving the goal of a harmonious and stable community.
  • Providing for services, laws and other matters for Municipality’s benefit.
  • Fostering the economic, social and environmental well-being of its community


The Municipality of Ol’Kalou shall, within the boundaries of the Municipality, perform the following functions:

  • Promotion, regulation and provision of refuse collection and solid waste management services;
  • Promotion and provision of water and sanitation services and infrastructure (in areas within the Municipality not served by the Water and Sanitation Provider);
  • Maintenance of urban roads and associated infrastructure;
  • Maintenance of storm drainage and flood controls;
  • Maintenance of walkways and other non-motorized transport infrastructure;
  • Maintenance of recreational parks and green spaces;
  • Maintenance of street lighting;
  • Maintenance and regulation of traffic controls and parking facilities;
  • Maintenance of bus stands and taxi stands;
  • Regulation of outdoor advertising;
  • Maintenance and regulation of municipal markets and abattoirs;
  • Maintenance of fire stations; provision of fire-fighting services, emergency preparedness and disaster management;
  • Promotion and regulation of municipal sports and cultural activities;
  • Regulation and provision of animal control and welfare;
  • Enforcement of municipal plans and development controls;
  • Municipal administration services (including maintenance of administrative offices);
  • Promoting infrastructural development and services within municipality;
  • Any other functions as may be delegated by the County government.

Some of the projects done or in progress include:-

  • Construction of municipal roads at Huruma, Jua kali estates and housing scheme estates
  • Construction of street lighting of roads in Huruma, Juakali estates and housing scheme estates
  • Upgrading of Ol’Kalou markets and construction of new stalls
  • Development of Engineering designs for Municipality
  • Construction of modern market stalls, installation of solar street lights &solid waste management in Ol kalou Town
  • Estate roads improvement, public pathways parking lots & common storm water drain in Ol kalou Town