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The department is headed by the Director who is deputized by the Deputy Director. The department has three divisions headed by
Senior Assistant Directors

There are 40 District officers where field services are managed. The offices are headed by District Trade Development Officers.
The Depart provides its services through a network of 20 zones and 8 sub zones operating at the District level by the provincial level by the Provincial Director of Trade with technical support from the director of Internal Trade assisted by the Deputy Director, Assistant Directors and several Trade Development Officers heads the Department.

The department has several facilities located throughout the county whose contacts addresses are provided are provided in this website.


The Department of Internal Trade is charged with the responsibility of facilitating and promoting the orderly development and growth of domestic trade through formulating and implementing trade policies and strategies.


“To make Nyandarua County an Orderly , vibrant, competitive and a preferred domestic market regionally and globally”


“TO Facilitate and promote an orderly development and growth of domestic trade by formulating and implementing appropriate domestic trade trade policies and strategies”


  • Formulate, implement, harmonize and domesticate regional trade arrangements in collaboration with relevant stakeholders:
  • Promoting trade-related Micro-Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMES)
  • Provide business counselling, advisory and consultancy services
  • Provide Capacity building programmes to MSMEs in conjunction with relevant stakeholders
  • Manage a traders’ credit scheme that offer financial assistant to MSMEs and facilitate Micro credit


  • Collaborate with relevant institution on trade matter
  • Monitor and evaluate trade practices policies and trends
  • Continuously gather, analyze, store and disseminate trade information to investors, entrepreneurs, stakeholder stand the public in general
  • promote indigenous entrepreneurs to take advantage of export opportunities create through
  • bilateral,regional and multilateral trade agreements
  • conducting of market surveys
  • collaborating in the fight against unfair trade practices

The scheme was established in 1954. The Credit Scheme is administered through the county Trade Development Offices that are spread county wide

The strategic objective of the department are to:-

  • Continuously, maintain accurate standards of Weights and Measure for use in checking the accuracy of all weighing and measuring equipment’s in use for trade
  • Ensuring fairness in trade transactions involving quantity measurements through regular checks of all weights, measures, weighing and measuring instruments in use for trade and inspection of all trade premises and markets at least once a year
  • Continuously ensure all new types or patterns of weighing and measuring equipments intended for use for trade conform to the specifications laid down in the weights and measures Act Cap 513 and that the equipment is not of a type which could be easily manipulated or altered to permit fraudulent use in trade
  • Regularly monitor the performance of all persons engaging in the manufacture,repair assembly or over hauling of weighing and hauling of weighing and measuring equipments for trade use to ensure that the repaired standards of accuracy are maintained
  • Regularly monitor all advertisements in the media to prevent use of false description of goods and service as a means of enticing the consumer to buy such goods or services


  • Formulation, review and implementation of polices and registration on Weights and Measures and Maintenance of physical standards of Weights and Measures, which are nationally and internationally recognized;
  • Control of the accuracy and manner of use of Weighing and Measuring equipments in use for trade;
  • Control of the sale of goods in terms of quantity to prevent sale of short Weight, Measure or
  • Number of such goods;
  • Protection of the consumer against cheating through false description of the goods and services in terms of quantity, quality, price, composition, fitness for purpose, place or date of manufacture or such other practices;
  • Supervision of use of the said equipments (including inspection of equipment at business premises)
  • Regulation of sale, manufacturing and repair of Weighing and Measuring equipment for use for trade.


Procurement of standards, testing equipment and stamping equipment
Custody, issuance and control of verification, date stamps and dies for use by inspectors.

Ensuring that all standards of weights and measures and testing equipment are maintained in accordance with the law and in particular, devising and instituting suitable programmes for calibration of standards and testing equipments.

Examining and testing of new patterns of weighing and measuring equipments for the purpose of approval.

Regular evaluation of locally manufactured weighing and measuring equipment to ensure that such equipment are of high quality, commensurate with the legal requirements;

Verification in the workshop:- This involves the examination, testing and stamping of traders weights, measures weighing and measuring equipments submitted by traders at the Weight and measures offices;

Verification “in situ”:- This involves examination,testing and stamping of weighing and measuring equipments which are permanently installed,bulky or of delicate construction at the place where they are normally used.

Verification at Advertised stamping station:- This is where traders within a radius of 20 KM in designated particular places submit their weighing and measuring equipments for verification and stamping .(Sec 27 W&M Act)

Inspection of premises used, or intended to be used by Manufacturers, sellers and repairers of weighing and measuring equipment and preparing reports on the purpose of registration and approval of such premises.

Analysis and evaluation of data collection in the field in respect of the performance and metrological characteristics of approved equipment and designing appropriate testing methods’ modification in construction for the identified weakness in the approved model.

Inspection of trading premises to ensure that pre-packed goods are packed in conformity with regulations, the Weights, measures, Weighing and measuring equipments in trade use are correct and not manipulated to defraud customers/consumers and that advertisements and any statement made in the course of trade are true and not just meant to falsely entice customers with particulars such as the price, place or date manufacture, fitness for purpose, qualify previous ownership.

Carrying out investigations by following up on consumer complaints, gathering the necessary evidence for instituting court proceedings, drafting charges and registering the cases in court.

Prosecution which involves ensuring summons is served to both accused and witnesses, preparation of cases files and adducing evidence in court.

Formation and development of suitable control schemes for pre-packed goods at the manufacturers and packer premises and implementation of the same.


The scheme provide loans to small indigenous industrialists and trades to enable them attain commercial experience ,standards of Credit Worthiness for further loans from banks and participation in economic development of the county.

Further the scheme is intended to enhance entrepreneurship, develop enterprises and stimulate income generation and employment creation in rural areas.

The scheme is operated as a revolving fund where loan recipients repay the loans so that other needy entrepreneurs can benefit from the Boards Kitty.

The Target Group

The Joint Loan Board Credit Scheme issues loans to small indigenous Nyandarua county entrepreneurs who are unable to access bank loans.
The entrepreneur may be individual trader with registered business, registered partnership and registered company.


We will uphold the following standards:

RECEPTION: Customer at the reception will be served speedily and handled with respect. Calls will be answered within 30 seconds but not exceeding three rings.

SERVICES: Provide accessible and timely services to all. Customer will be attended to within 10 minutes
TENDERING Communication outcome to all tender applicant within 7 days from the date of closing the Tender.

PAYMENT: All payments- will be made within seven working days upon receipt of claims/invoice with all supporting documents except for the qualified contracts where payment will be made in accordance with the terms of the contract.

Ministry of industrialization, co-operatives development, weight and measure:

P.O BOX 377-20303


Business Information Collection and Dissemination

  • Gather/ collect information/data
  • Analyze information and data collected
  • Maintain and update Update a database
  • Do socio-economic profile
  • Enumerate the area’s business potential and opportunities<
  • Collect information on regulatory framework
  • Profile business service providers
  • Develop/Design information dissemination mechanism
  • Collaborate with other agencies in the development of County investment plans
  • Disseminate the information
  • Marketing and Market Access

  • Producer Business Group and linkages
  • Facilitate Buyer-seller meeting
  • Conduct exhibition/Trade fairs and facilitate trade missions and trade study tours
  • Provide information on import and export procedures<
  • Provide information on available markets
  • Advocate for the provision of market infrastructure
  • Promoting and facilitating intra, inter-county and cross-border trader Technical and Financial Support
  • Advise on source of business finance
  • Provide credit
  • Post-loan services
  • Training on loan management
  • Sensitization on the Ministry's loan facility
  • Manage the Loan scheme
  • Loan application vetting and appraisal
  • Convene and conduct board meeting
  • Process and disburse loans
  • Recovery loans
  • Prepare and submit quarterly returns and annual/final accounts
    Counselling and Advisory Services
  • Assist business community to identify problems ailing their businesses
  • Provide guidance on finding solution to the identified problems
  • Provide encouragement to the business community
  • Prepare and submit reports on counselling and advisory activities undertaken
  • Sensitization on Governmental Policies and Trade Related Issues
  • Provide information on Government policies and regulation relating to trade
  • Provide information on trade emerging issues e.g WTO, EAC Common Market Protocol, regional intergration,etc
  • Provide Information on Trade Promotion activities e.g trade affairs exhibition seminary,e.t.c
  • Hold trade barazas and Business Clinic
  • Prepare and submit reports on sensitization forum undertaken
    Provide Consultancy Services
  • Provide solution to customers problems
  • Prepare and Submit reports on consultancy services provided
    Advocacy for Fair Trade Practices
  • Identify instances of unfair trade practices
  • Liase with relevant government departments in addressing the identity unfair trade practices
  • Advocate for consumer protection
  • Prepare and submit reports on instance of unfair trade practices and actions taken Trade Policy, Monitoring and Research
  • Carry out situational analysis on the prevailing trade related policies<
  • National Trade policy formulation and development
  • National Trade Policy Review
  • National trade policy implementation
  • Monitoring the impact of national Trade Policy and other trade related policies
  • Creation of a conducive business environment
  • Conduct research and survey on topical trade issues
  • Monitoring of Vision 2030 Flagship Projects in the Ministry
  • Carry out price surveys
  • Carry out survey on availability and distribution of essential commodities<
  • Propose/Formulate appropriate interventions Formulate Formalization of businesses
  • facilitate the formation of Producer Business Group(PBGs)
  • Facilitate the Formalization of Business Membership Organization(BMOs)
  • Carry out Businesses registration
  • Develop and maintain a database of all business establishments,PBGs and BMOs Facilitate Business Linkage/Networking
  • Business Matching<
  • Link MSEs with large enterprises
  • Follow ups on the linkages and volume of trade generated
  • Prepare and submit reports on the linkages
  • Collaborate with local and international trade support institutions
  • Exposure to Regional and international Markets<
  • Advise on value addition processes
  • Identify exportable products<
  • Advise on export procedures and requirements
  • Provide information on products with export potential Promoting Public-Private Sectors Partnership
  • Holding interactive forum
  • Collaborate with the private sectors on trade development matters Promotion of E-Commerce and IT in business
  • Educate the Business community on e-commerce and use of information technology (IT) in business
  • Develop an integrated IT system
  • Facilitate in Traders Training
  • Traders Training need assessment<
  • Develop a Tailor-Made training Modules
  • Conduct recruitment
  • Identify Facilitator and venues
  • Coordinate Traders Training
  • Monitor and evaluate/make follow ups
  • Promote an Entrepreneurial Cultures


  • The loan applicants should be established in their businesses and exemplify perquisite ability and/or qualification to operate his business successfully
  • the applicant should have lockable business premises and maintain simple books.
  • They should also exhibit commitment to their businesses by devoting their full time to it.
  • The business should have a valid current single business permit issues by the local authority.
  • The loan applicant should have tangible security whose value must be more than the loan sought.
  • The entrepreneur should have a bank account.
  • The scheme's loan are note accessible for the purchase of: Motor Vehicles; erection or repair of building farming/agricultural purposes; Land purchase'of accounts
  • The Credit scheme issues loan ranging between KSH. 30,000.00 To
    KSH 300,000.00
  • The interest on loans shall be charged as may be prescribed by the permanent Secretary for Ministry of Trade from time to time. The current interest charged is 8% per annum.
  • The Permanent Secretary, Ministry of trade may vary the period of loan. Currently, Loan may be made up to a period of two years.
  • The following is the procedure for loan application from Joint Loan board credit scheme:

  • Obtain loan application forms from the respective board.(Annexed is the application form and a list of the respective Board and their contacts)
  • Fill the form and attach the following documents:
  • Photocopy of Identity Card
  • Passport size photograph
  • photocopy of current Single Business permit
  • photocopy of intended security
  • Submit the filled forms and the attach document to the County trade Development Officer
  • If loan application for is approved there is a loan agreement
  • Avail the original tangible security that should be charged accordingly
  • Collection of Loan is in the form of a cheque


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