The Education Directorate oversee and support the provision of quality education within the county when it comes to Early Childhood Developement (ECD) and post secondary technical training. The directorate also supports primary and secondary school students with financial aid through the County’s bursary program.

Its mandate includes policy formulation, education planning and management, quality assurance, infrastructure development, teacher training and professional development, inclusive education, stakeholder engagement, and data collection and analysis.



The establishment of a Culture Directorate reflected the recognition of the importance of preserving and promoting cultural heritage and diversity. Its role and mandate include cultural preservation and promotion, cultural infrastructure development, cultural education and awareness, cultural tourism development, cultural exchange and collaboration, cultural policy development, community engagement, cultural funding and support, and documentation and research.

Social Services

The Directorate focus on addressing social welfare needs, promoting inclusivity, and improving the well-being of vulnerable groups within the county. Its responsibilities include implementing social welfare programs, poverty alleviation, child welfare and protection, elderly care and support, disability services, gender and women empowerment, social housing, rehabilitation and reintegration, and disaster and emergency response.