Youth Empowerment Directorate

The establishment of youth empowerment directorate highlights the commitment to prioritize the needs and aspirations of young people. Main mandates revolve  around creating an enabling environment for youth development, promoting youth participation, and equipping young people with the necessary skills, equipment  and opportunities
for their holistic growth.

Sports Directorate

The Sports Directorate plays a vital role in promoting sports as a tool for community engagement, talent development, and social cohesion.
Our mandate includes infrastructure development, sports programs and events, talent identification and development, sports education and training, administration and governance, funding and sponsorship, promotion and public relations, and ensuring sports health and safety.

Arts Directorate

The Arts Directorate support and promote the development and preservation of arts and culture. The Arts Directorate aims to nurture artistic talent, preserve cultural heritage, and promote the arts as a means of social and economic development. Its mandate includes arts and cultural promotion, infrastructure development, arts education and training, cultural preservation, funding and support, policy development, collaboration and networking, and arts advocacy and public engagement.