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SNo Facility Recommendation
1 Ol’kalou Level 4 Hospital Be elevated to a County Hospital (Level 5) with modern theatre, X – ray, scanners, and maternity, male, female and children wards as well as Intensive Care Unit.

Shall be a referral for Level 4 hospitals

2 Engineer Level 4 hospital Be equipped to have modern wards and accessory facilities including X – rays, scanners, theatre, Be upgraded to Level 5
3 Manunga Health Centre (Level 3) Be upgraded to level 4 and equip
4 Ol’Joro Orok Health Centre (Level 3) Upgrade to level 4 and equip
5 Ndaragwa Health Centre (level 3) Upgrade to level 4 and equip
6 Other health centres and dispensaries To be equipped, upgraded and staffed

Investment and development in this area by private sector should be encouraged and necessary facilitation provided.

Existing hospitals, health centres and dispensaries in the county are to be upgraded and requisite facilities and staff provided so as to enable them discharge health services adequately. Cases requiring specialized attention shall be made to referral hospital. This calls for utility vehicles in all health facilities.

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