Administration and Devolution

The Directorate of Administration and Devolution has evolved from being a unit in the office of the Governor and the Office of the County Secretary in the formative period of the County Government to a fully-fledged Directorate in the current administration. This elevated profile is expected to enhance the Directorate’s capability to deliver on its mandate most of which is outlined in the County Government Act, 2012.

The Directorate of Administration and Devolution draws its mandate from the County Government Act 2012, and the Governor’s Executive Order No. 1 of 2022

Enforcement and Compliance

Enforcement and Compliance Directorate’s mandate include enforcing regulations and ensuring compliance with applicable laws. Its roles include regulatory compliance, inspections and investigations, enforcement actions, public safety and nuisance control, licensing and permits compliance, public awareness and education, collaboration and coordination, and data management and reporting.

Human Resources Management

The Division of Public Service is a division under the Department of Public Service, Administration and Devolution and has been mandated to support the County Public Service in order to achieve a responsive, effective, accountable and performance based Public Service aligned towards achieving all set targets.

Performance management

The Directorate is a coordination unit for performance management in the County.

The Directorate is responsible for the following functions:

  1. Provide policy direction and strategic leadership for improved performance of the public service;
  2. Co-ordinate performance contracting and appraisal in the County;
  3. Develop guidelines on performance contracting and appraisals;