Governor’s Welcome Note

Nyandarua County is on the take-off. As the leading producer of some of the most-consumed and fast moving crop products in Kenya, especially potatoes and vegetables, and second in dairy, we are a production powerhouse whose potential has remained untapped. Not anymore.
With our iconic identity, the Aberdare Ranges – home to the most scenic features and host to countless species of animals, Nyandarua is the source of most of the water consumed in the capital, Nairobi and neighboring counties. Ours is a critical ecosystem that’s not just the dependable water tower, but a very important carbon sink in the country.

This take-off seeks to bring everyone on board. It is a journey where every person, effort and idea matters. The Change Manifesto which our people hedged their hopes and aspirations is our roadmap towards a transformed and inclusive county. And this is happening.

In crafting this new County, we are anchoring it on both public and private-sector driven development. We are exploring and following-up on every opportunity available to partner with like-minded stakeholders in realizing the common goals of development. And we have great incentives for those who will walk with us.

In this historic phase of change and a new Nyandarua, walk with us and be our partners in this exciting and transformative journey.

Pamoja Tubadilishe Nyandarua

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