Opening up of main roads
We will open up every inch of our villages, towns and connect each home to the main roads as well as improve connectivity for our farmers, His Excellency Governor (Dr.) Moses Kiarie Badilisha vowed as part of creating a strong foundation for development.
Governor Badilisha’s first task, on assuming office, was recasting the roads’ machinery units to create efficiency and value for money. This has enabled more inclusivity and quicker turnaround in projects. Further reforms in the department have seen over 500kms of roads graded and graveled in the last one year alone.
And new roads, never before opened, like Major Waigi in Shamata ward, Subego-Kigogo in Ndaragwa Central ward, Redhill-Kwa Haraka road in Mirangine ward, and several other roads across the county have been visited by the county graders and compactors.
“We will not have any inaccessible roads in this county by 2025. One way to spur agricultural growth in the county is by enhancing accessibility to farmers’ produce. Accessible markets also improve on the county’s competitiveness. In the next few months, our people will witness a new and invigorated machinery units that will almost mirror the ‘Marshal Plan’. Nyandarua will be synonymous with connectivity irrespective of weather conditions,” Governor Badilisha notes.
Another intervention taking place is surveying of all roads to remove any form of encroachment. “We are pleading with our people to move their fences and structures that have encroached into the road reserves because we are embarking on a very massive and critical programme of roads rehabilitation and construction,” the Governor urges county residents.