Rehabilitation of feeder roads in Rurii Ward

Through the Department of Public Works, Roads, Transport, Housing and Energy’s County Machinery Program, His Excellency Governor (Dr.) Moses N. Badilisha Kiarie opens up and rehabilitates 17 kilometres the following feeder roads in Rurii Ward, Ol’Kalou Sub-County:
1. Jericho-Itangine Road, Silanga village;
2. Gakorofa Road; Gakorofa village;
3. Mugumo-AZ Road; Mugumu village;
4. JM Hospital Road;
5. Kahuruko-Huho-ini road ,linking 22 and Huho-ini villages.
6. Gitogo Road, Gwa Kenyatta village;
7. Full Gospel-Jerusalem (old Bosnia) Road, Jerusalem village;
8. Rurii Cite and service road in Cite and Service villages;
9. Kabiu-Kabora Road (rehabilitation);
10. Akurino-Henry Road, Mukuru village (rehabilitation);
11. Kiandumba-Turkana Road, Turkana village;
12. Muthaka-Kai-Rufus Road, Manyata village; and
13. Baraka Road, Umoja village.
The grading, gravelling and compaction works have been carried out in collaboration with area Member of the County Assembly Hon. Peter Thinji.