Rehabilitation and maintenance the following feeder roads in Gatimu Ward

Through the Department of Public Works, Roads, Transport, Housing and Energy, His Excellency Governor (Dr.) Moses N. Badilisha Kiarie rehabilitates and maintains the following feeder roads in Gatimu Ward, Ol Jororok Sub-County:
1. Sunset Vision Road, Baraka Village, Gatimu
2. Runda – Dr. Maina Road, Runda Village
3. Transformer -PCEA Eldavile Road, Kanguu Village
4. Waithaka Mutito Road, Njunu Village
5. Wajane Posho Mill Road, Njunu Village
6. Kianjata Shopping Center Roads, Kianjata Village
7. Nyandarua Institute Service Lane, Kianjata Village
The works include gravelling, grading and compaction as part of the County’s Machinery Program, in collaboration with area Member of the County Assembly Hon. Duncan Chege.
The program seeks to ease the movement of people, goods and services countywide in line with the Governor’s CHANGE Manifesto.