The new Gachwe-Kirimaini road

Huge sigh of relief for residents of Karau Ward, Ol’Kalou Sub-County, as His Excellency Governor (Dr.) Moses N. Badilisha Kiarie opens up the new Gachwe-Kirimaini road, linking Gachwe and Kirimaini villages while crossing Nyairoko River, reducing travel distance between the two areas by approximately 20 kilometers.
The jubilant residents told Chief Officer for Roads and Transport Eng. Peter Karanja, who was inspecting the ongoing road works, that they will no longer rely on unsafe footpaths.
Eng. Karanja informed them that the Department of Public Works, Roads, Transport, Housing, and Energy is under firm instructions by the Governor to ease the movement of people, goods and services countywide.
The works are being carried out in collaboration with area Member of the County Assembly Hon. Daniel Gitau.