To the champions in community Empowerment through sports Development.


To continuously empower the community and nature sports talents for enhancement of economic development.


To identify, nature, Develop and promote sports talents


i. Develop, Promote, coordinate and implement sports programs in the county
ii. Facilitate training for sports technical Personnel
iii. Facilitate training for sportsmen and women
iv. Oversee the elections of various sports federations
v. Establish, develop, maintain and manage county sports facilities and amenities.
vi. Procure, purchase and distribute sports goods and equipment.
vii. Develop policies and guidelines to enhance sports development
viii. Act as a link between sportsmen/women and development partners

Community Resources

Sports grounds ( Heni, Koinange, Karangatha, Njabini, Gathaara, Engineer, Ndunyu-njeru,Geta,Miharati,Ndemi, Turasha, Olkalou, Rurii, Tumaini,Ngano, Kianjata, Muoroto, Mutanga, Shamata, Kanyagia)


  1. Why don’t we have sports officers at ‘Mashinani’?

The county government is working towards employing more sports officers to meet the demand. However, the department is working with the available officers to conduct its activities maximumly. 

  1. When will Ol-Kalou Stadium be completed?

The county government has been able to construct a dais, install high-level water tanks to adequately supply water in the stadium, done a modern perimeter wall and upgraded pitch to national standards.

The governor has also sought intervention from the national government where the president has promised to take over the construction of the stadium into an international state.  

  1. Why don’t we have a County football league?

The department is working with relevant stakeholders to mobilize funds to sponsor a Governors “Cup tournament”.  This will happen soon.

  1. Why don’t we have government-owned athletics camps?

The government is in the process of creating them.

  1. Why don’t we support Handball, Basketball, lawn Tennis and Taekwondo?

The county government has been supporting these disciplines with a plan to enhance the sponsorship in future budgets

  1. How can we get sports equipment?

Make a formal request to the directorate of sports by writing a request letter and attaching a player’s list.

  1. Why are there no pitches supporting other disciplines other than soccer?

The county government is working on establishing such pitches where space allows.  

  1. Which Sponsors does the County government collaborate with in support of sports?

The County government works with federations that manage sporting activities in Kenya.

  1. Does the County government sponsor local teams to participate in FKF and KVF-managed leagues?

The county receives a list of teams registered with the Kenya football federation (FKF) where the government pays for their affiliation and participation fees.

  1. Does the County have a Paralympic league?

No, however, the County government has been supporting teams comprised of deaf people in various disciplines.