County Executive Committee Member for Water, Environment, Tourism and Natural Resources Hon. Milka Wanjiru concludes her responses to public concerns raised on the County Government’s social media platform.

Water is a scarce natural resource, but fundamental to human and animal life, livelihoods systems, food security and sustainable development. This is articulated in Article 43 of the Constitution which places water as a human right for the citizens of Kenya.

The Constitution further devolved water services to the County Governments thus transferring the responsibility of ensuring safe, clean and adequate water supply is provided by the County Governments.

Population in the county stood at 638,289 as at the last national population census of August, 2019. This comprised of 315,022 males and 323,247 females in 179,289 households. Even though the County is endowed with different water sources that include rivers, springs and underground aquifers, there are challenges in water provision.

The County Government of Nyandarua is committed to ensuring the realization of the constitutional requirement to ‘the right to water’ which can only be achieved if concerted efforts are put in place. Nevertheless, through the CIDP 2, Governors Manifesto and the collective commitment of water sector stakeholders, the County Government is determined to meet its obligations. This reports presents a brief summary of the achievements on the water sector for the period 2017/2018 to 2019/2020 financial year.

The County Government of Nyandarua is a Government set up under Article 176 and 186 of the Constitution of Kenya 2010 as well as The County Governments Act 2012.  Authority to manage natural resources of the County, including water is vested under Schedule 2 (4) of the Constitution of Kenya 2010.

The County covers an area of 3,245.2 Square Km lying between latitude 0°8’to the North and 0°50’to South and between 35° 13’East and 36°42’West. It is divided into five Sub-Counties namely: Ol’Kalou, Kinangop, Kipipiri, Ndaragwa and Ol’Joro Orok and further into twenty-five Wards. Kinangop is the biggest Sub-County with eight Wards. Kipipiri, Ol’Kalou and Ol’Joro Orok have four Wards each, whereas Ndaragwa has five Wards. The major urban centres in the County are Ol’Kalou, Njabini, Engineer and Mairo Inya. Other vibrant centres include Ndunyu Njeru, Miharati and Magumu.

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Construction of Ol’Kalou’s maiden sewerage system is now underway, in a historic first for this devolved unit.


Officers from the Central Rift Valley Water Works Development Agents paid a courtesy call on the Governor ahead of a kick off meeting for the Olkalou sewerage project.

sinking boreholes